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Convert Multiple Text Files To Image Files Software

 Convert many text files into image files. Change text and background colors of output. ..

Convert Multiple CSV Files To Text Files Software

 Convert one of many CSV (comma-separated) files into text files. Replace commas or comma-spaces with other characters. ..

Convert Multiple XLS Files To OpenOffice ODS Files Software

 Create multiple ODS files from multiple XLS files. ..


Convert Multiple OpenOffice ODS Files To XLS Files Software

 Create multiple XLS files from multiple ODS files. ..

Split CSV Files Into Multiple Files Software

 Split one or more CSV files into smaller files by number of lines or by character content. ..

Copy DRM Files to Audio Files

 Convert DRM and non-DRM music files to unprotected iPod, MP3 or WAV formats. Easily and at high speed. ..

Copy DRM Files to Audio Files

 Convert DRM and non-DRM music files to unprotected iPod, MP3 or WAV formats. Easily and at 50x conversion speed. ..

Copy DRM Files to Audio Files

 Convert DRM and non-DRM music files to unprotected iPod, MP3 or WAV formats. Easily and at 50x conversion speed. WMAConvert Professional is easy to install and has a very handy and clean user interface. ..

Conversion of OST Files to PST Files

 Conversion of OST files to PST files is easy process with OST to PST conversion tool. Using OST to PST conversion software, you can perform conversion of OST to PST process fastest as compare to other data conversion tool. ..

Recover Files, Recover Deleted Files

 Recover Files: Download software to Recover photos, Recover pictures, Recover music, Recover videos and Recover Word / Excel / Access / PowerPoint files. Recover Files - Download file recovery software at ..


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 Very easy to use, generates customizable text or HTML lists of your files. It can catalog removable disks, search for files and tell you what disk they are on, search for duplicates in your list, and generate lists automatically to keep them up to date. Great for file backups, MP3 collections, graphics files etc. Give it a try!..

StripWav 2.0.3Rippers & Encoders by Timothy J. Weber - Software Free Download

  Strips header information out of WAVE files. Useful for converting WAVE files created by newer programs to a *canonical* WAVE format readable by older or simpler programs. Handles lots of files easily, and big files quickly. A must for writing CDs with many popular writers. 16-bit version available via ..

SystemPack Volume III - FILES 1.0 by microOLAP Technologies LLC- Software Download

  The set of 7 components for file operations: AutoRunner, CRC (Delphi 4/5), Drives ComboBox, Drives ListBox, File Operations, Find Files, File Properties.Sources: $14.95 ..

Yikes 2.10 by Alden Bates- Software Download

  A program for editing text and binary files, supporting large files and having a multitude of functions including macros, dictionaries, lists of favourite files, highly configurableHighly useful for programming and web ..


 Password protect, lock and hide folders or directories and their subdirectories and files or documents on your PC. Encrypt files with BLOWFISH, CryptAPI. Hide messages in photograph. Stealth email. Encrypt password files and bank. Prevent unauthorised access by other computer users, friends, family,co-workers. Ban intruders. Guard against access without permission. No encryption. Full version has enhanced security features and multiple folder locking and free minor version updates. Easy to use self explanatory freeware...

qFileSync 2.0 by David Piepgrass- Software Download

  Small application to synchronize files between two or more folders--for example, two computers on a network or between a hard drive and floppy disk. It can sychronize multiple sets of files, do backups/mirroring, and filter files or folders using wildcards. Settings are automatically saved when you exit. It is very quick to use--just start the program and click "Quick Sync". An "Interactive Sync" allows you to preview (and optionally modify) the program.s behavior. There is also a command-line interface. ..

FileSync 2.16 by FileWare Co UK- Software Download

  Compares and synchronizes folders and files locally, across networks and over dial-up connections. Can compare files based on time-stamp or down to the byte level (Binary compare). Include and exclude files based on type and age. Change copy direction, delete files. Saveable profiles. Comprehensive filtering options. Report printing. Supports external difference viewers like WinDiff and ..

AblyFTP 2.9.9FTP by I+D AZOULAY Programmeurs Reunis - Software Free Download

  Free FTP Uploader and Image disk builder. Bilingual ( English, French ) For complex related sites or disk images: Import/export files status; General and specific parameters; Shortcuts to share Files and folders between projects; Variables subtitution for ascii files ; deny info for robot.txt; Pre and post build commands; Local emulator for tutoring, testing or disk image building; Right-click selections. Auto-Install, Menu Uninstall, Multi-documents, preferences and contextual html help. Includes examples ..

E-Mail Control Console 1.1E-Mail by Byte Fusion Corporation - Software Free Download

  Extracts e-mail messages from mail client databases to plain text files for easy integration of e-mail data with other technologies. Converts extracted e-mail files to html. Indexes, filters & sorts e-mail files. Produces html based web index to facilitate large scale sharing of e-mail databases overcorporate ..


 The SVA (Software Vendor Assistant) is a powerful workdesk tool for shareware/freeware creators or vendors. It has many capabilities such as: products/versions/submissions/regorders database; multi-language descriptions support; semi-automated submission into many sites; auto-forms builder (big sites collection is included); personalized E-mail messages generator for automated press releasing and customers notifying (ESMTP and MAPI are supported); detectors for automatic extraction new registration orders from your inbox (ShareIt, Regsoft, Esellerate, Regnow, Visage and Esellerate are supported); PAD files import/export (these files also known as XML DIZ files)...


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Rename Files Software

 Quickly change the name of files. Features include: Change case of files(s) to UPPER CASE, Change case of files(s) to lower case, Change case of files(s) to Proper Case, Change case of files(s) to Sentence case, Add x to beginning of each in files(s), Add x to end of each in files(s), Add x before every y character(s) in files(s), Add x after every y character(s) in files(s), Remove all spaces in files(s), Remove all blank lines (enters) in files(s), Remove all tabs in files(s), Remove alphabet character(s) in files(s), Remove numeric character(s) in files(s), Remove alphanumeric character(s) in files(s), Remove non-alphanumeric character(s) in files(s), Remove x (user-specified) in files(s), Find and replace x (user-specified) character(s) in files(s)...

MP3 and WAV Solutions

 Converts MP3 files easily and quickly into WAV files and back. Convert many files with one click. You can change the sample rate of WAV files and the MP3 tag information of MP3 files. This program offers solutions for daily practice...

WAV MP3 Converter v1.00

 To small your WAV files? To convert your MP3, WMA and OGG files to CD quality WAV files for burning your own CD? Just use our WAV MP3 Converter. WAV MP3 Converter supports batch conversion between MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG. You can convert your MP3, WMA and OGG files to CD quality WAV files for burning your audio CD(Assuming you have a CD-R). You can convert your WAV, WMA and OGG files to MP3 files for listening the songs with your MP3 Player. WAV MP3 Converter converts the audio files digitally-not through the soundcard-which enables you to make perfect copies of the originals. Convert from one to another directly and on-the-fly (without temporary files produced). WAV MP3 Converter has user-friendly-interface and converting your files is just a button click away. You'll be an experter in no time!..

Multipage TIFF image to PDF converter

 TIFF to PDF converter software converts multiple pages TIFF image files into individual PDF documents or single multipage PDF file. Pictures to PDF maker software supports conversion of JPG files, PNG files, BMP files, GIF files, ICO files etc...

Aplus DVD Ripper and Video Converter

 Aplus DVD Ripper Video Converter Packages , convert dvd and video to DivX, XviD, AVI, MP4,Apple iPod MP4 files, Sony PSP MP4 files, Cell phone 3GP files, Pocket PC files , PDA files, Xvid files, rm,rmvb,wmv,mpeg,avi, mov,..


 Masker encrypts your files so that a password is needed to open them, and then it hides files and folders inside inside of carrier files, such as image files, video, program or sound files. Use Masker to keep you sensitive secret files secure hidden...

MB AudioConverter

 MB AudioConverter is an "easy to use" program that convert MP3 or WMA(or WAV) files into WAV files. You can convert files by simply right click audio files or just drag the files and drop onto another folder. Group of files and folder conversion are also supported...

Clear Files

 Every website, files, movies, clips, documents, and anything else you viewed on your PC is recorded in secret hidden files on your hard drive. Did you also know that unwanted images, banners, pictures and content that exists on websites you visit, can be downloaded on your PC without your knowledge? Clear files and protect your privacy, family, job, business, and anything else you want to keep private - clear computer history and tracks with Net Eraser Internet Eraser, the ultimate privacy tool. NetEraser is a Clear files, Privacy Protector and System Optimizer software tool that allows to completely clear all your online and offline activities, clear files files, clear files for browser search history, clear files in address bar, clear files in internet cache, clear files in search engine, clear files in search bar, clear files in google, clear files in yahoo, clear files in msn, clear porn and objectionable files much more...

Ultra MP3-Wave Converter 1.03Rippers & Encoders by Bytesky software - Software Free Download

  Ultra MP3-Wave Converter is an ideal all-in-one music conversion tool: it converts Mp3 files to Wav files and vice versa.It converts Mp3 files to Wave files in batch, enabling you to burn them to CD. It can also converts Wave files to Mp3 files so that your favorite Wave files become much smaller mp3 files. Its main key features include: (1) Easy to use , professional user interface. (2) Converts .MP3,.MP2,.MP1 into CD quality format WAV files ready to burn. (3) Converts .WAV into .MP3! (4) Converts music play lists (.M3U, .PLS) to WAV. (5) Drag and drop supported. ..

Disk Space Recovery Wizard

 Reclaim hundreds of Megabytes of wasted space by over 71 types of junk files, temp files, garbage data, cookies, temp files, redundant files, setup files, etc...


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Split CSV Files Into Multiple Files Software

 Split one or more CSV files into smaller files by number of lines or by character content...

How to Divide PST Files

 Get feasible solution with Split PST, when you are facing trouble from large sized PST files. This divide PST tool quickly divides PST files to many smaller PST files. This Software available with latest version 2.0 to break numerous PST files...


 XKat is a simple-to-use, affordable backup program. XKat is a file synchronization tool. And XKat is an FTP client. Using XKat, you can compress, copy, backup, and synchronize your files. XKat's +Internet edition expands the range, adding the ability to copy and synchronize files with an Internet computer in a click or on a schedule. XKat also supports logging and unattended backups...

Extract EML

 Extract EML from PST file in Outlook with extract EML tool. This extract EML tool enables you to extract EML format from PST files. Using our software to extract EML files in Outlook, you can extract EML from PST file in bulk...

OutDisk FTP for Outlook

 OutDisk for Outlook is the easiest way to share email file attachments. Just click the OutDisk toolbar button and select the files you want to share. OutDisk will upload your files to an ftp server and insert the links into your email. No hassles!..

Break PST Files

 Split heavy size Outlook PST files to multiple small PST through the use of break PST files tool. Split Large PST software augments Outlook speed and put off correction...


 FileCategorizer is a powerful Windows utility for categorizing files in a directory. FileCategorizer is unique. It does not look-in or alter contents of your files in any way but simply uses the file name and or other attributes to identify files that are similar and groups them on that basis. You can control the similarity of files in each category. FileCategorizer will benefit anyone who needs to organize large numbers of files, in particular, internet users, system administrators and newsgroup users. The product easy to use as it has no regular expressions or other complexities. FileCategorizer judges file name similarity in an intelligent fairly human-like fashion. The main features of FileCategorizer include: * Identification and categorization of files by name, type, size or time. * Speed. FileCategorizer can categorize several thousand files in less than a minute. * Customization and editing of all categories discovered by FileCategorizer. * File handling functionality (move, copy or create shortcuts) for files with the destination folder based on the file category. FileCategorizer is unique. It does not keep indexes or databases of your files so it is the ideal solution for people who are worried about their privacy, but who still want to keep their hard disks and large number of files properly organized and access their documents in a safe and fast manner...

Crypto4 Files

 Crypto4 Files lets you perform both simple file operations such as pack files into ZIP archive, send files by e-mail, securely delete files and advanced security operations such as signing and encryption of files and folders. All operations are performed in a couple of clicks, e.g. you can pack files into ZIP archive, sign the archive and send it by e-mail by selecting one command in Explorer context menu. Crypto4 Files seamlessly integrates into Windows Explorer to provide easy access to file manipulation functions. You just select one or more files and click on selected files to invoke Context menu. You will find Crypto4 Files' functions available under "Process with Crypto4 Files" submenu. All functions are arranged into groups, with two most recenly used commands on top of other items...

Hide Files & Folders

 Hide Files & Folders is a great easy-to-use password-protected security utility working at Windows kernel level you can use to password-protect certain files and folders, or to hide them securely from viewing and searching just with a click of mouse. Upon accessing any protected file or folder, dialog box querying password appears on the screen. If valid password entered, user gets access to the file or folder, otherwise not. Hide Files and Folders does not modify your media: in protecting your files or folders, it just uses a high-reliability VXD driver working at Windows kernel level. This guarantees that Hide Files and Folders will never lose your data, as may happen if you use other file- and folder-protecting software. Due to unique technology, the program also lets you protect system files and folders such as the Windows System, Registry and Swap files. Go ahead! Download the program right now! You will find it very easy to use...

How to Organize Files

 How to Organize Files - and how to organize files easily? Use special tool to learn how to organize files in a fastest way. The tool will teach you how to organize files of any type in any location. See how to organize files easily!..

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