You`ve got to love a side project

January 14, 2021, 3:00 pm
You`ve got to love a side project
You`ve got to love a side project. No deadlines or clients to satisfy, just a fun way to improve your skills and flex your creativity What side projects are you working on in Sketch right now?

Designing an in browser virtual tabletop.

The is being built on Sketch cloud :-)

UI design for two of my web apps

I am working on my Apple iOS, iPadOS and macOS apps that helps you learn Devanagari Script and Indic Languages All Apps UI iterations and Color Palette designed in And improved while iterating in coding I closed Sketch and opened Logic.

- The filmmakers social network Coming soon!

The Squircular icon set. Of course madeWithSketch. ( Use code madewithsketch for 50% discount!)
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