You`ve been working on your project for months now

December 3, 2021, 12:59 am
You`ve been working on your project for months now
You`ve been working on your project for months now Reply below why you didn`t launch it yet

I can`t figure out these dang chunked web requests.

Just some bucks to open a company in the US, and in Estonia to start becoming the first global/local commerce platform that every nomad dreamed of, the MVP is ready to go. Feel free to give it a try Underestimated how tough this is Wanted to write a guide about China tech & social media, but all the new regulations made material written this summer outdated... anyway, we finally launched it yesterday! My product saves me a ton of time but Im just not 100% convinced of its broader utility. Also the output is an emailed Excel file which, although formatted, feels kindarubbish?

Talking to my first b2b customer tomorrow for just had to force myself to email prospects and say, do you want to try our new product? Had to overcome illogical psychological barriers (i.e. what if they ask for xyz gesture?)

I keep getting the chance to work on cool startups at my job Kind of keeping a running folder with ideas and half-built things to keep skills sharp.

Multi tenant version not done yet

I`ve started 3 weeks ago about my second template but its stuck, since my first launch doesn`t work as expected i`m lil depressed now

Strava deprecated a vital API endpoint, and I`m not sure it`s worth launching anymore

fighting with the app store approval, after that we are all set! if you guys want to check it out it`s There is one game concept me and another guy been working on, on and off for 2 years Why isn`t it finished? Both need to earn our daily bread. Finding time to work on those interesting ideas isn`t realistic for a lot of people unless you save for it beforehand or get investment

Its launched !!! 5 months going strong with a lot of firsts for me: 1. First time SaaS 2. First time front-end 3. First time marketing I feel like the MVP is scoped decently - not too many features - but process is slow and I do not have the luxury of lots of time Will persevere & launch!

Launched it on day one and now were building. Were in the weeds, it hurts, its stressful, were at the cutting edge of technology and society and were having a lot of fun too.

I don`t know how to actually deal with payment/legal/account at an international (not even national, I`m an expat) level. As soon as I think in how to charge and reflect taxes, I freeze, trying not to, but still a powerful force.

Need better UI and more functionality Too large a project. But now it`s too late to change it , I`m paid to finish it and it`s almost there.

I`ve been procrastinating on 2 new SaaS ideas. Last week I realised it`s because I enjoy the freedom I have now. I decided to still build it, but sell it as a self-hosted service or maybe like a starterpack and get revenue from licensing.

Its not good enough yet

Because the crowdfunding video is not coming along nicely. Ironic, because I make videos for a living, but when making one for myself I am stuck. I need it to be good. Three versions in and I hated all of them. Gonna make a new one in the next two weeks.

I`m on the same boat. Started off an idea last week. Will take you up on the 3 weeks. Challenge accepted! What does `launch` entail? ProductHunt? or just shoot it live on Twitter?

Was writing about how it is a library which requires a log of foundations to be released and has open-source alternatives so makes it not worth using until all the parts are in place. Then figured out that I`m actually shipping 0.x versions of it and it`s 1.0 I`m focused on.

I feel like we`ve "launched" today since we announced that we`re going to build in public. Pushed over the edge by this very thread in fact. PS: does anyone have any ideas on how we can beat Deliveroo?

My code is so messy that when I come back to it, I don`t understand it.

The same. I`m not sure people abroad would pay for my SaaS in rubles (they will be afraid) And I`m translating it into English About to launch for public in early 2022. Built out of frustration from complex setup of mixpanel/amplitude at to get actionable insights. What do you think?

Looking for a new developer... Learning how to ask better questions up front and to set clearer expectations about timing. coming soon! I launched - it`s - the best AWS SES email templates manager ;)

features are almost done, right now testing the website before launch. maybe I will launch a demo test for indies My anxiety is through the roof. I keep second-guessing myself.

I need apps for security reasons, but it would actually be a good project to discover Flutter which is something that has been on my Todo-list for far too long!

It`s done. Don`t feel like it yet. Busy with other things.

Because that wasn`t what I wanted to build in the first place. I share my process up to my failure here. Full time job takes more time and I cant motivate myself enough to finish. Plus, Im working on native iOS/Android apps and doing the same thing twice is tiring! And Im pretty good at finding excuses

And I admit that everything I tell might be excuses. Already thoughqt about this. But did not find a way around this until now.

Do you know makers from germany having your mindset of making (which i admire)? Dont they have problems even billing internationally? Rules here seem super strict. Theoretically you have to confirm correct adresses on invoices.

Im missing a marketing/ communication content

Launching this month I`ve been gathering feedback from beta users to improve product-market fit. Now working on final touches (marketing, documentation, affiliate program, and a launch contest)

Keep thinking it`s either not as useful as I`d hope or not as polished as I`d like.

@benjamiski Optimizing for corporate structure should be a much later concern like when you`re doing $100k/y. Now just get your first customer on Stripe

But I did! I feel like the design/ux is not there yet

Cause I stuck without the t

Kept thinking for months that were just this one feature away from a public launch Its finally over as were ready to launch

Its an NFT project, need to focus on marketing now. Just a set of pretty pics wont sell itself

Yess, trying to no-code it plus learning some HTML and CSS. Can you suggest a no-code website builder?

I`ve been working on for a couple months. I managed to put it on the internet last week - docker containers, deployment, blah, blah :). But no users so far! Any feedback welcome!

Launching doesnt currently align with my definition of success.

Full-time job + baby = little to no free time

I started another project that I did not launch, and then another, and another.

I released a basic version on 30 Dec to see if there is interest. If there is, I will build it out further. Trying to learn my lesson on this one.

What if I did launch it? It definitely wasn`t ready but it`s out there and some peoe use it. It just does not work for the moment Still some dev required. Have you ever launched a product even if it does not work a all ?

It used to print hello world! Now it says [WARNING: deprecated] I don`t want to update now.

Couldnt get front end code to work

Well, hoping to improve the odds by making sure I find it useful myself before foisting it on other people :) (only works because I`m in the target audience)

No design skills

I know right!? Thats what I tell my clients. Build small but hell build and launch!

1. Keep changing my opinion on design and which functions to include in my app. 2. I get distracted by other ideas. Gonna launch in January regardless :)

not. ready. yet. mr. pieter.

Insanely big project for just one person but totally worth the wait.

Next week I launch my project, which took 4 months

Just a handful of loose ends that I know once I actually look at them aren`t going to be as important as they seem, and could`ve been fixed after the fact.

Alright! :)) i will try my best.

it is a practice with no beginning or end

challenge accepted, launching tonight Because building a design tool from scratch is hard :)

Almost ready to launch what do you think about it ?

I started a week ago, so i have a lot to learn in the way.

True.... I don`t want to die as a freelance PHP / WordPress dev

Cant find a full stack dev!

Launched! The completely new version of Visual Bug Reporting Tool - I feel like it wont be good enough to compete with existing solutions for the problem I try to solve.

Because it is not finished yet

I come from embedded software, left my job and learnt all about web apps by myself. I guess that takes time and I want to release a decent MVP. Hopefully in max. one month will go alive.

Landing| home page still waiting to be ready

Launching makes me a lil nervous

I don`t do that... I just launch things no one wants

I found it hard to 100% commit to something that might make me money. I end up freelancing which is guaranteed to make me money. Without fully committing I always end up finding excuses to do something else / procrastinate.

The world isnt ready for my nudes

product is live and every time I speak to a new user I feel like I`m launching again Haven`t done a product hunt launch or similar yet as we are getting great feedback without it and think there are small tweaks we can do to make that stronger.

I`m trying to do some marketing before full launch because all the legal issues for accepting payments

ahhh yeah lmao ok yeah it does

The activity feed for my social platform is not ready yet! But it is going to be tasty! Still learning to code.

No big events due to COVID

Want to add just "one more feature" (before any customer contact, I know...).

Need to fill the DB with some data so the user has something to look at when he enters. PS: no idea how to fill it

months turned into a year and a year turned into two. it is what it is smh

Lack stripe in africa

well that`s good feedback 2 of them look pretty bad, but I didn`t think the others where terrible

only started 1-2w ago. Will launch before New Year`s

Setting up billing took some time and now I`m procrastinating instead of recording some simple demo videos of the product

bc I don`t want to be Getting a SaaS tool ready to dogfood and use on own SaaS projects ...but hesitant to launch externally because its commercial potential is probably too small to justify the obligations that come with having customers (might mean less freelancing)

Took a step back to reasses where it should go and what it`s purpose, which will hopefully fuel motivation. A long-twitter/short-medium essay platform. My essays (I should write more ) (in preview) (need to write content so basically unfinished) (gonna kill this didn`t work out ) I might have more let me look

Lacking sufficient value prop. Open to Testflight Link?

We also reply if we are working on it and burnout and procrastinate for years? I have my %90 finished project and solved the hardest problems and not doing nothing for the last year

I didnt build it multi-tenanted in the first place

Hmm I think there could be something there, will think it over. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Because we dont have enough time to finish it, say something about :)

fruit company says the app doesn`t have functionalities that differentiate it from a website. however, my app do use notifications and this is not supported for websites in iOS, for example...the review process is

I launch everything I do (maybe too fast) and nothing is working lmao It`s ok though. I`ll just try again.

dunno how to git push on heroku

Was me but not anymore had idea last thursday customer discovery on monday & tuesday first sales call today Speeeeeeeeeed This is a trap, Pieter gonna roast you here

It got very complicated to a point it might become a fundable idea, so I skipped boat fast

Had to learn a ton of domain knowledge (3D, shaders, etc) I didn`t. know. Not sure why I don`t ever just attempt projects purely in my field of expertise as a web dev. On the bright side expecting an alpha release in the next month! - not enough content - not convinced I have enough to retain users with the current ideas - Brainstorming what else could be attractive to users and doing some market research

Had to create index2.php before launch

Have an Non Compete Agreement with a somewhat similar company, expires in 1 month.

Built an MVP: We start beta testing with in the next 2 weeks. I send cold emails every day to get more people to join beta. Took almost a year to build an mvp. Weve overengineered it (

Need to find the motivation to continue the writing.

Last-minute bugs, first interviews revealed a lot of confusion so (improving the UX) in the meantime we got a "silent launch" running since we`re onboarding some companies for early beta testing without actually revealing anything. The product is an API

Had never heard of that haha! Guess were doomed to failure

Adding more features and fixing old bugs.

because I started 100 more

HA! You`re a liar! Your (productive) output is unmatched in the indie-scene. You shouldn`t be allowed to use the word "procrastination" at all! :D Of course kidding here, but yeah, you ser are very productive!

Think it`s not good enough yet!

building building and building WAGMI

Because I spend too much time on twitter and am very creative when it comes to procrastinating :/

There is even a vanilla version. I think that I got to lazy / tired by having a good payed job + living and germany and being over-regulated / to much legal stuff. Always thinking about stripe atlas to get rid of this at least.

Sometimes I`m fine writing code all night after finishing my day job. Sometimes I don`t feel like it

Changing Set State To Provider And Modal Class Flutter

Don`t think so, we actually like it a lot! Why do you ask though?

Havent created an account registration flow

What would you consider "launching"? I have been working on my webapp for a month and recently started reaching out to my target audience (creators who do events & livestreams). It`s far from perfect but it`s an MVP!

- launched but did not put it on product hunt yet, worried that it wouldn`t see much traction and you can only launch it once.

Because I live (prison is a better word) in Argentina, where the government robs me with the world highest taxes, because 80% of the people are communist parasites who do not want to work, and wish to be supported by the few of us who work. That is the reason. Thx for asking !!

I launched my project early but never went back to it.

Not months, but about a month. Overengineered the shit out of infrastructure instead of releasing tiny chunks.

It is always evolving, tell me what you think I think some people are missing the joke here. Also, I`m ahead of my time. Waiting for the market to catch up.

I swear I`m still working hard on relaunching with a better design and better features.
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