you cannot like a video game now https://t

June 10, 2021, 11:33 pm
you cannot like a video game now https://t
you cannot like a video game now

>game grumps I will use this now everytime I disagree with someone "Watch some game grumps" wowzers that last comment just gave me whiplash

I feel like the synapses in my brain died reading this

Never forget AGAP

Watch some game grumps

"People nostalgic for Sonic Unleashed?" Yeah that`s what happens when a new generation grows up.


Is that the feet fetish guy

Maybe I`m wrong, but I remember people saying "actually unleashed is pretty ok" back when it was new???

That`s just the typical Sonic fan mindset.

I did not just see him say watch Game grumps bro... to be fair the game grumps tweet appears to be a joke they reccomending game grumps

Gamegrumps? Really?

Unleashed is a game that I`m really mixed about, but still love just because it`s sonic. A ton of people also probably hate it just because it`s sonic

Twitter is just full of miserable dickheads who wont let you have fun. If you like something they dont youre a lesser person. isnt even a favorite of mine in the series by any stretch and even then I still respect those who love it more than me lol all a matter of opinions, all subjective

I was gonna give them benefit of the doubt until they said "Watch Game Grumps". Nah, I won`t listen to unfunny commentators rag on about a GameCube port (SADX specifically) with plenty of issues and assume that the Dreamcast version of SA1 wasn`t highly regarded at release.

I`m still surprised that to this day, there are still people who can`t grasp the difference between subjective and objective things

Damn "watch some game grumps" thats a sonic death sentence bruh

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