you can get raided by the department of homeland

January 25, 2021, 2:39 am
you can get raided by the department of homeland
you can get raided by the department of homeland security for owning iphone replacement parts in the united states! cool!

Android is an operating system and not a brand. Call out the brand makers that do this.

Why is it people continue to purchase apple products?

It is utterly disgusting how much waste must be created intentionally throwing things away instead of fixing and re-using them.

Despite that news looks outdated (1 year ago), I still have a fear they truly implement that practice today. Imagine this law applies every countries in Earth (not just in USA).

I will 5

This generation doesn`t get how much tech is geared to own you.

I`m in favor of major changes, but even something as simple as a tax on the parts that go into new phones/electronics would make people hold onto the old ones longer, creating demand for longer term support.

Corporations are evil & wasteful as all hell but conservatives think were crazy for burning down a target. Im tired.

Im never gonna buy apple

Yet another reason to not own an Apple product or support that company.

"totally not an oligarchy bro"

Yep, all they gotta say is that they are "bootleg" parts, even if they aren`t.

Automotive and some farm (green) equipment manufacturers have tried the same thing. In case your know a farmer designs their tractors and equipment to be farmer serviceable.

Android is open source.

integralism win

I wonder why our tech waste problem is so bad??

Just bought a refurbed iPhone 8 from Amazon for $200. It could use a $50 battery exchange, but it otherwise seems perfect in every way. Maybe Apple is selling fewer phones because people are at home on their effing computers instead?

Planned obsolescence is a cost that companies will continue to externalize to their customers for exactly as long as we permit them to do so. Start fining them in percentages of their gross revenue or valuation, whichever is greater, and they`ll straighten right up.

Right to Repair legislation will chip away at this...

They are probably wondering: "Why would people repair just the piece that needs it to keep a smartphone 7 years, when they can spend 1000 bucks in a new one every year?"

Me still using an iPhone: meh

Is it just Apple that does this?

Right to Repair! Right to Repair! Right to Repair! Really, Homeland Security is working on chasing down legal IPhone parts suppliers instead of white supremacist bombers? Really?

" wanna buy a screen protector?" Thank god I own a Samsung.

So they mad cuz we savin money ???

Wait, do they? I remembered Samsung had a dedicated site, where you can just buy replacement parts for every product they make. I googled for a bit and found similar sites for LG, HP and Dell products, and a lot of stuff on ifixit

I`d argue that people are buying fewer phones because they`ve realized they`re too expensive and provide too little in terms of new features/innovations/value to make it worthwhile.

Well, how else are they going to make projected profits now they can`t add software to purposely cripple the old models any longer? You`d rather they set a max number of battery recharge cycles for "customer safety"? Oh hang on.... It`s "for the customer`s benefit". Honest!

Planned obsolescence is not a thing

Pynchon tried to warn us...

Corporatism at its finest

Apple is the Nintendo of cell phones.

And yet they say they`ll save the environment by not incluing a charger with the phone. Disgusting

I guess slave labor isn`t enough of a market advantage

USA! USA! United States of Apple

yall take a look at this and tell me the ussr was authoritarian

I love capitalism!

There are six little Asian stores in my hometown in Ireland that fix android phones for a couple of euro. It is not a large town. Nobody raids them for `breaking the law` because the law is EU law.

Apple removed the charger kit from their latest generation of iPhones for "environmental purposes" but it`s still sold as a separate product. It is simply a gesture, like switching to reusable straws to save the turtles.

We don`t need their phones. They need us. Draw your line and act accordingly.

"iphone replacement parts" this is another broken down iphone.

On a related note, Nintendo stalked a 3DS hacker When the capitalists also become the cops....

I left Apple this year after a lifetime of being an Apple user (Since IIgs). Their closed loop, proprietary hardware, and insane pricing for technology that frankly is marked up 3X what comparable off the shelf products are was it for me. Ill never buy another Apple computer.

A while ago, i had a phone that lasted 7 years because the parts were really easy to replace

This info is outdated and not really accurate, the parts seized were counterfeit and this doesnt indicated planned obsolescence.. Apple also has a pretty robust recycling program. Not saying theyre perfect but this isnt as damning as it seems

still dailying a samsung galaxy S5 here, a 2015 phone only barrier I`ve been hitting is a few apps no longer installing on the android version it runs, so I just use their web versions

economic benefits aside I wonder how much better it is on the environment for people to not just throw away phones & buy new ones whenever these giant tech companies decide they want everyone to buy another phone from them?

The moment they removed headphone jacks you guys should`ve realized this company was taking a nose dive

~Land of the free~

Why? I came into this game for the action, the excitement. Go anywhere, travel light, get in, get out, wherever there`s trouble, a man alone. Now they got the whole country sectioned off, you can`t make a move without a form. -Harry Tuttle Lol my whole phone is made up of refurbish parts

I have to work with Apple products at my job but I have never purchased from Apple and never will. I really want to see the Foundation series when it is available. NOT on Apple TV.

*without a major change to our regulations. its a policy choice.

This is unconstitutional

there are like two non-apple manufactures that i can think of at the top of my head that support a modular phone and/or try to be as enviromentally friendly as possible, the fairphone and Librem phones

Apple has always been a trash company, but trends tend to hide what should be common knowledge very well from common folk. Hoping the new generation disconnects from them while I ponder on buying Apple stock because I have no faith in the new generation.

You can either buy a new phone every three years or have literally everything you do be monitored, recorded, and sold to anyone who`s interested It SHOULDN`T be this way, but right now those are your choices

BuT BluE tExT is BEtTeR

bUt tHaTs ThE fReE mArKeT

Not that I ever had any Apple product but it`s always nice to throw another serious reason to never buy one into the pile :)

So that means Hugh Jeffreys is going to be dead

Awesome! Now the hacker/maker community gets the real life mystique of running from the law

Motorola is the only phone manufacturer to support right to repair. Also LG to an extent.

The FBI raided homes and planted drugs at AT&T`s request over jailbreaking the first ipad. The ppl who actually did it let that prick we*v take the credit as a fall guy bc they knew what would happen.

Because fixing your phone is so much worse than sedition and trying to mass murder your country`s entire legislative branch and the VP.

And this is precisely why people should consider checking out phones like PinePhone and Librem5. Linux distro based so no forced obsolescence via limited 2 year software updates, and easily replaceable parts. Not to mention the privacy benefits

Why the hell is the DHS interested in taking Apple replacement parts?

Indeed we do need to give legal protection to those who do people a favor by repairing things that companies refuse to fix, and maybe tell companies that its far smarter and still profitable to have actual good repair support.

Not to mention their use of forced labor and child labor over seas that they`ve tried to cover up for years by just saying they don`t control the hiring process over seas.

By enforcing current laws and regulations we will be much better. Gigantic by nature will always capture government.

what a gay company lmfao i remember when i was 12 i could buy a transparent glass back for an iphone 4 and i replaced it myself and it was so cool

Interesting that they hold this stance while simultaneously removing the charger plug from new phones to tackle e-waste

Great to be reminded out government serves corporations and not the people

In communist north Korea the government raids you for having unauthorized computer parts

for the record: all privately owned phone manufacturers do this shit. android`s notoriously bad at product support. planned obsolescence will always exist without a major change to our economic circumstances.

And liberals still think you can fight pollution and climate change without opposing capitalism! This is a perfect example of profit-seeking motivating overproduction, and thus the creation of more pollution and trash.

Yet people still act as if "Apple" today would be the same company as it was in the 1970s.

Land of the free

Apple is certainly Thinking Different, although being anti-repair seems less like thinking

This is why I went back to a PC.

Disgusting. Also, I wouldnt even be using an iPhone if my old phone with slide-out keyboard still worked...

We already live in a cyberpunk dystopia its just more boring.

This is a big part of the reason I have no interest in buying Apple products. I also hate how they make their products only compatible with other Apple products.

Apple: Why aren`t people buying more iPhones? World: Baseline prices going up, overfocus on >$999 phones, changes to payment models, growing competition with Huawei/Xiaomi in the Asian market, global demand drop for smartphones... Apple: ITS THE DAMN REPAIRERS CALL THE DHS

One of my lingering fears is that, as someone who repairs medical equipment for a living, this sort of absolute horseshit will inevitably take over my industry. It`s been seeping into it for years in the form of small blood testers and whatnot, that cannot be repaired/calibrated.

I hope ppl realize not to get Apple devices now

And yet we`re supposed to save the environment by.... banning plastic straws

yes capitalism works *annihilates long-lasting stock to create need* you just dont *destroys legal rights* have a business mindset *SWATs you for owning the 12 different screwdrivers needed to open an iPhone*

Don`t buy apple products then, that`s pretty easy since they suck

`MURICA! FCK YEAH! it`s really really sad.

the DHS constantly has to justify its own existence so their incredible small dick energy will make them raid literally anyone for any reason.

"capitalism breeding innovation" lmao

They hate our freedoms

When big corps make the laws this sorta stuff will always happen

The right to repair is quite possibly one of the most important things that nobody has, but would benefit so many. It`s gotta be one of the most overlooked part-solutions to high waste too

I saw that on r/AssholeDesign today. There should seriously be a law against stuff like that

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