You can find White Yoshi and the Iron Cucumber

September 20, 2021, 8:03 pm
You can find White Yoshi and the Iron Cucumber
You can find White Yoshi and the Iron Cucumber in pipes, including the All-Clear Pipe that you can fire by clearing all of this tour`s cups in MarioKartTour!

LMAO IMAGINE NAMING A KART iron cucumber *guy and a girl hanging out* Guy: wanna play with my iron cucumber Girl: wat da f- Guy:*pulls out phone and turns on MKT* Girl: oh

I think the next tour will have: New York Minute 4 Tokyo Blur 4 Paris Promenade 3 London Loop 2 Vancouver Velocity Los Angeles Laps Berlin Byways 2 Sydney Sprint

Gimme rubies then

I thought this was Sliver Yoshi.

I got white yoshi from my all clear i was so confused at 1st

Been getting very mediocre for a very long time. This is the worst! Feel like giving up and build on what I have. Black Yoshis Matter

Every pipe I have pulled for the last 4 tours, I have no gotten 1 spotlight driver out if any of them

I got White Yoshi the past week, but I no erased the video By Nintendo adding more all clear high ends, it actually lowers the chance of getting the all clear character we want. Smart move.

After the last update, I can`t play

Got him from the daily challenges! I can`t find White Yoshi because the game doesn`t work on my phone anymore.

Plz fix the damn bots I`m always having to do 7 races to make them less aggressive and it`s a waste of time when u guys can just nerf them

The Silver Arrow looks great ;-)

I got Black Birdo from the ACP, and also since the 2.10.0 update, I feel like the game becomes slightly choppy/lag at time

Nah, more likely I`ll just get another bloody glider from that pipe...

This game is going to decline little by little due to the great loss of players in the last update...

I m just gonna buy the white yoshi pack

What does it mean when you can no longer find the game in the Google play store?

Karts became impossible to drive since Last update. Horrible. I stopped my Gold Pass, saying goodbye to MKT. By the way il was almost 2 great years of fun.

Funnily enough, I already had White Yoshi, so I`m cool with having gotten a dupe of him from my All Clear pipe. Cool, but I already have White Yoshi and what a good driver he is! Still hoping to get Black Yoshi, Cat Peach and Birdo (Black) and some Karts! I got this one! Exciting for the upcoming tour I would, but thanks to your last update, I CAN`T PLAY THE GAME. Thanks Nintendo.

Any new drivers next tour?

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