You can choose one to be released Christmas eve

December 21, 2021, 11:35 pm
You can choose one to be released Christmas eve
You can choose one to be released Christmas eve and the rest release on regular schedule.

Elden ring on Christmas day & FF on regular schedule

I have no attachment to BG&E or Dragon Age as franchises and while I am hyped for FF XVI it`s been a while since I enjoyed a Final Fantasy game.

That`s easy. Elden Ring

For me anything is better than XIII & it`s being lead by the guy behind FFXIV, which I loved that so I don`t expect anything bad. I understand where you`re coming from tho cus they haven`t shown much of anything. I hope it goes back to bldg a party as you go further unlike XV

I think I`ll have to go for FFXVI . As much as I wanna play elden ring I think I can wait for a game that I know will make me rage.

Ahh I see I just figured that I was out of the loop or something was announced today! I remember the showcase (for Beyond Good and Evil 2) they had for the game years ago, it looked amazing but I completely forgot it was happening until now lol

Also side note Im actually not as hyped over FF16, it looks amazing it maybe Next Gen but so many other games that it will have to contend with cough cough Elden Ring!

No brainer Elden Ring

No kink shaming now!

Monkey Paw: Your choice is released as they are right now, unfinished or not.

Final fantasy 16

Definen Elden Ring, no question about it

Elden Ring. I was tempted to say Dragon Age, but I want to play all of the others again first, so I wouldn`t be ready for it anyway.

FF XVI. Beyond good and Evil 2 has a release date?

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