You can ask Siri to hear music from your

July 17, 2021, 10:45 am
You can ask Siri to hear music from your
You can ask Siri to hear music from your favorite artist, playlist, or to set a mood. Check out this thread for a few ways to use Siri with an Apple Music subscription.

please get iOS 14.6 Im worrying about my phone and im about to cry

Exactly my chill look Can I ask Siri to turn off your classist two-factor authentication notifications? The fact that you have your products set to require other products and disguise it as security shows how much Silicon Valley is filled with privileged people in tech.

Got it. Now if we could train Siri to understand me when I say "Hey Siri, play KMHD Portland" Siri get`s it wrong most of the time and it`s not getting any smarter after I repeatedly correct it.

Just spoke with Dawn who refused to give me any identifying information that would differentiate herself from another Dawn working at Apple. Not only is this unprofessional but its a lie and exposes she is not giving the care customers deserve nomoreiphone

Is there something going on at Apple, why are so many people having their account disabled? Don`t Apple want to have any customers left?

Apple!! ur stupid, badly written algorithm, u named Siri, refuses to play music from my OWN device, saying "can`t find song X in apple music" I don`t have apple music subscription! i signed out of it in settings.. still...

Wow, I finally get the link, and the $15 bill is no where to be found! WTAF is going on?

I just called for a unrecognized/authorized charge, get some speal about how it could be reoccurring charges grouped, all myy authorized apps have been charged, phone says yall will text a link, so far Butkus, I am just going to dispute the charges with my bank

Hey Siri, can you make a Twitter account? Alexa is really annoying on twitter. (No offense What about Spotify??????

Please recover photos from iCloud after 30 days

Please recover photos from iCloud after 30 days

Please recover photos from iCloud after 30 days

I have iOS 9.3.6 please update it to iOS 10 or iOS 13 you are updating iphone 6s to iOS 15 but not updating ipad 3 to iOS 13?

On which iOS version?

Lifes much easier now.

Siri can even find music to fit the mood. With an Apple Music subscription, try asking for something chill, or something energetic. Like this. summer soundtrack is waiting. Just ask Siri to play your favorite playlist in Apple Music.
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