Yo, I`m ready to answer your questions about @klever_io

June 23, 2021, 1:26 pm
Yo, I`m ready to answer your questions about @klever_io
Yo, Im ready to answer your questions about for the next hour...

Airdrop will just dump & harm the price of any projectafter they get the airdrop thwy sell & MIA& it will be painful for those real investorsjust saying

Can I get a hug? Can I get a follow back boss

Klv doesn`t have great and famous financer Is it possible to provide it?

No famous person or brilliant person supports klv community Is it possible?

Klv doesn`t have any advertising Is it possible to provide?

Will you list hbar

It has been very hard for real use case project to get listed on top tier exchange in which $klv has been a victim too. Now can we expect the real project community voice wil be considered ?

Hello Dio , Have a question About Klever Bank and Klever exchange. If I live in a country where crypto can be banned next year, I will still be accepted to use both ? Or the law of the residential country will prevail?

will there be an option on the exchange to trade a few times (per month or so) for the very low fee? This to make sure small KLV holders also are able to perform some trades. Now its the more you have, the less the fees... to be an exhange for all...maybe add this?

I have hodl since may 2020 I`m just seeing the potential now

Another question Is it possible to provide staking for other exchange like coinex?

One of my another questions is why is Digifinex treating KLV Coins and holders like this? Digifinex closed 2 months ago and many coin token wallets have been opened very fast but why is there so much irregularity during KLV? Is it possible for klv to do some cross chain projects, for example with sushi, ada, ...???

Regarding airdrops, nothing is for free! Please stop hunting for free money. Buy your KLV like everyone else.

Hi Dio, when do you think people in Indian can start buying KLV? Is the problem coming from the Indian Banks or is it something else? Lots of my friends and family are waiting to use Klever

do you have solutions for this one? This is not an airdrop this is my token which I tried to send from my wallet . I tried searching this token names but it wasn`t showing. When you are thinking to launch ur nft platform

Is SafeMoon is lauching in our exchange?

I don`t know what is the question but we wanna see great pump in klv$7soon

What will ecosystem klever a look like in the future?

How much will be the fees for deposit in debit card?? Since I never put much money, the fees are a big no for me when using some services.

Will you add wall street games to your wallet $WSG $KLV?

When is the party for KLV family in Sao Paulo?

People who live in Turkey do not know klever so much, do you have a plan about advertisement in Turkey

Are you planning to issue some klever credit or debit card?

Hi dio, whats make this klever going to 1$? We see another token may better now than klever. What make this token spesial?

KFI mining with liquidty providing start with Exchange lanuch ?

leverage trading on the exchange?

No question just wanna tell you and the whole Klever team awesome job and thanks for your hard work!!! Best project in the Cryptospace... $KLV $KFI

Will there be a possible klv credit or debit card in the future ?

Will the klv bank have connections with klv wallet , klv exchange and the up coming klv hardware wallet.

You are doing a KLEVER job Sir, I manage to buy some klv when the price was around 0.1 on coinex but i cant withdraw to my klever wallet to stake because of the withdrawal fee there, please any help. Thank you

Will ya bring back klever Friday

Is there already an official launch date?

I have a question... How are you bro? I wish you a great day full of motivation

when klever exchange lounc..

Will there be a Dapp as a pancakeswap on the Klever chain ? With same pools percentage, etc...?

Is klever going to work on another later

Is klever working on another coin

Is there going to be a Klever burn??

1. What is Klever Phone supposed to be? What will be the features? 2. Will Klever also have it`s own operating system, I mean something like Qubes OS for privacy concerned users?

When klever app available for Huawei phones?

What minimum percentage for staking please ? Approximately ? And which most famous currencies for staking ?

When is KleverExchange launch date?

Speaking on the challenge people of Nigeria are having in buying cryptos as a result of its ban in the country by her leaders, what is the plan of the team regarding P2P payment methods and ways the team planned to ensure that the vendors doesn`t charge more?

Can you follow me sir ? It would be an honor

When will KFI come into play

Mr. Dio, on what date Klever exchange start ?

no question but i wish you nice day

Would be really nice to have a function in the wallet where you can see every token with a balance > 0 without having to go through selecting or unselecting all

can I get a follow back

No doubt about the work you have been doing. Can you give a word of advice to klever Community,and crypto in general. I`d retweet boss

Can I get a follow back

Will transfer fees for klever be reduced from other exchanges or is that out of your power

What would be the exciting most about the KleverEx?

When is the airdrop

Will there be educational videos or tutorial on how to navigate the Klever exchange as most exchange`s do these days just to increase engagement. klv $kfi klever

How many KLV will we be able to win in the giveaways?

Where do you see kLV price at end of 2021 any quick hint please

Realistically, what are your expectations on KLV end of year price?

Please I want to know what Will happen to klever wallet when klever exchange is lunched. Will you ignore klever wallet?

Whether we will be able to stake other coins? Other than $Trx and $Klv

Are you planning to add support? $TFUEL and $Theta for swap and exchange?

Will there be option to freeze klv on Klever blockchain as Tron can freeze TRX to not consume it?

Feature is the most vital thing in building project growth, a product will not develop without good feature and promotion, whatever it is good. So, how about Klever? Can you provide a list of killer features that scare your competitors over your project?

will you release android exchange version in Q2?

knowning to the fact that Nigeria is among Klever top 3Markets. My question is, will Klever Xchange support P2P means of buying Coins since crypto is currently ban in the country?

TFQt3dwS8xKgpyLghzgJcfqdCDjKwPiThu can I get do you mind if I ask for some klever from you sir

Any time frame for KleverEx launch?

Will Klever take advantage of Digital Banking, serving both banked ans unbanked. Many countries facilitating digital banking. Perhaps in the future Klever can have physical presence in these countries. Using digital assets and local currencies to serve new era of banking.

Hey! How can we reach out to Klever team? Have been trying to start a chat for a while. Would be great to get a contact :)

can DApps start applying now to be on Klever chain? is their any pre-requisite?

Can I get a reward for organizing the most engaging giveaway in the Klever community klevertreasurehunt

Sir please would the swap amount be reduced to maybe 10 USDT or something around 15USDT? What I know is there are some who find it difficult to get some KLV because of the minimum swap limit. Honestly this has nothing to do with me but I`ve come across several concerns like this

Hi Dio, when P2P is support at the Viet Nam???

Hello Dear Dio Can you send me some of the Klever KLV logo giveaways (hats, bags, t-shirts, etc.) as a gift? I really want to use it in Turkey.

is there a p2p option in the new Exchange to sort out countries suffering Crypto Ban like Nigeria?

Take a look at this other project. Could make for an interesting partnership, who knows? Do you think you can donate to me before the exchange leaves? TAMu3dtBhNJDDLx4RpAHVKrAJjSkfHiBv2

$KFI airdrop or staking or something else: how will it work? Thank you for your passion and for the chance for financial freedom!

For the klever exchange would FIAT be accomodated? Or at least P2P? For people around the world could have easier transaction there? Or any other option, lets say like for people in Indonesia who doesnt have credit card or so? Thanks!

Can I get a follow back from you sir

Can we have a tool for convert small balances please? Because some small balances are useless and we can`t do nothing with it, a tool for convert Into $Klever should be nice

How bout P2P support per country that will allow us to buy assets from the exchange using local currencies?

$KFI when will it be available at swap, o thought it`ll be added after yesterday`s upgrade.. I want to but more but can`t use the exchanges available due to some hitches

When DeFi more options (savings, loans/lending) in Klever wallet?? Thank you.

Will you provide a better API from the 10%?

Will there be staking on the exhange of tron and klever ? How much apy ? Binance went from 20% to 10% on tron :/ will you do better to beat [email protected] more people will quit binance and use klever ;) ?

Is the exchange for iOS and android still coming end of this quarter as promised??

Hello, do you think that one day when klv exchange will be unveiled, what will be the price of each klv?

Lots of people get scam transfers. Why is this possible? Can`t you prevent this? Is a small safe addition possible? When will KFI holders taking part in voting?

Pls when will klever exchange go live

Adoption is a challenge for any blockchain project, especially in this sensitive period of the entire market when many blockchain projects die because only a few are using their platform. What is your team`s strategy and vision on this issue???

If we are going to run a full node of klever blockchain and we are not a validator, we are just mere running node, is there any reward $KLV?

Can you say about fund security

When will be the aidrop that you mentioned this week please ? And will there be another possible huge coin burn ? Thanks

Lots of people get scam transfers. Why is this possible? Can`t you prevent this? Is a small safe addition possible? when I hold KFI - do I get profit sharing from KLVex exchange?

So the iOS exchange and the android exchange version will not be released at end of q2 as the roadmap suggest??

Great work as always. Will all airdrops for $klv and $kfi holders include staked amounts? Also how are you guys,ninjas sleeping good?

Is it possible to have a portfolio checker integrated with the klv ?

Please will the p2p has Ghanaian merchants? this will make things easier for those of us here.

Will there be loans and other coin for staking on the klv app???

How is KleverEx different from other crypto exchanges?

You say that your feature that sets it apart from other exchanges is customer-oriented. Will you create a fund reserved for any negativity? like binances safu.

Will there be possible klv stable coin ?

Is Their is launchpad on kleverex ?

Will we have convert small balances to $KLV option on the exchange?

Is there beta testing for ios or mac kleverexchange?

Can we have a tool for convert small balances please?

How about the transaction fees compared to other exchanges?

Lots of people get scam transfers. Why is this possible? Can`t you prevent this? Is a small safe addition possible? Can we expect higher apr on staking klv in klever exchange?

Is the price gonna go up soon?

Are you going to apply eKYC?

Hello, I have one different Question Any Good News For Digifinex All KLV Holder?Please make an arrangement to withdraw from KLV Digifinex for all of usWe all dont want to miss the big big upcoming events at KLV

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