January 14, 2021, 1:35 pm
Yeah. That`s pretty much how I am. I`m trying this on an iPhone 6S. I love this phone performance wise, but these is so much I wish I could do on this phone but can`t. If someone gave me an iPhone, I`d be happy. But I like the features on a phone I pick.

Yeah. I could live with the entertainment side with no problem with the exception of my Music Speed Changer app which has no option that works as good as the Android app, even on Windows. I also rely heavily on network analysis apps where the basic Field Test menu is not enough.

@Weatheronthe8s (Example): Yeah. That`s true. I use some of the weirdest apps though that can`t properly be replicated in a web browser.

True. I notice iOS often runs seemingly a bit smoother. If you could run anything on iOS, I would switch back in a heartbeat. Sadly though, that`s not how it is. There are a couple apps I would go kinda crazy on if I didn`t have them.

Yeah. True. I can`t stand how Apple doesn`t let you install weird apps, which is why I don`t think I can go back to iOS for my phone.

I don`t know what I`d do without my ad blocker on my computer. Also, on Android, YouTube Vanced is a thing which is literally the regular youtube app, but with the background play and ad free experience of youtube premium. I try to support creators a little bit though.

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