Y`all Android 12 is looking F I N E

June 11, 2021, 12:25 am
Y`all Android 12 is looking F I N E
Yall Android 12 is looking F I N E

If iPhone SE 1st Gen is getting iOS15, WHY ON EARTH I cant have this on my S7?

Ill come back to android once the nav bar gets rid of the black background

Android: "Tablets are just bigger phones right?", Apple:

Reeks of Windows Mobile right before it died Which is an excellent thing, since windows mobile felt like blur, all grown up

quick question: Is the darkmode effected by materialYou? Because this doesn`t look like a truely black darkmode :(

I said this before and Ill say it again, that large centered clock style makes me wanna act up

Now that`s what a fresh new software update should look like

lock screen is so Xperia

Looks so amazing and better than iOS

I`m In Love with A12!

it embrace the feminine in you

The colors hurt my eyes

I`m so glad that shimmering effect has been toned down!

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