Xiaomi showcased⚡200W Fast Charging realme & Oppo⚡125W Ultra DART

October 17, 2021, 10:17 am
Xiaomi showcased⚡200W Fast Charging realme & Oppo⚡125W Ultra DART
Xiaomi showcased200W Fast Charging realme & Oppo125W Ultra DART charging iQOO120W Super Flash Charging Huawei66W Super Charge & working on a 90W Fast Charging Motorola 33W Fast Charging Apple - Up to 27W Fast Charging ! Samsung only 25W Charging (S22 Series - 25W)

If you look at this you can see the difference. Here 2 types of brands , First type known for Numbers (specifications) & others , more on experience side than numbers

Ice confirmed something some days before

Apple doesnt support 27W.....it was a fake rumour

Samsung fanbois nahi vro Fast charging se phone blast hota hai

Well, it actually didnt make that big of a difference in charging time for those two phones lol but I do hope they bring it back to the S22 Series

And Samsung still can charge faster than iPhone and probably faster than some phones with 50w or more

SaMsUnG SuPeR FaSt ChArGiNg bAsT

You completely missed the point that some Samsung Flagship supports 45W Charging.

Samsung - Slow & steady wins the race.

I think Samsung never repeat Galaxy Note 7 incident again

The high numbers don`t mean anything unless you know nothing about tech. With high charging speeds, comes phones degrading way quicker.

Remember s7? I guess they are scared of another similar episode

How many of these will blow this diwali ? LoL

When will oneplus 9RT joint edition come ?

Hail! Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Fanbois: battery health important hai vro And the faster battery degradation that comes along super-fast charging!

Hey samsung please improve charging technology

Why don`t you add Battery Degradation numbers too with increasing speed of charging. I feel 33W is good enough as FAST n good for battery health too.

BlackShark 4s Pro 120W charging support

OPPO - realme showcased 125W but samsung removed `1` from 125W

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