#Xbox20 Questions: Boop, boop, boop

August 2, 2021, 7:19 pm
#Xbox20 Questions: Boop, boop, boop
Xbox20 Questions: Boop, boop, boop...BEEP. We want to know your best Halo multiplayer memories Share yours and tag Xbox20 for a chance to make it into our official Twitter moment

Never played it, my favourite Xbox memory is playing golf with your friends for some reason

Playing in college dorms on the smallest CRT possible. 4 player local. Could barely see. Laughing, cursing, Drinking, other substances..., etc. Great times! Hmm my favorite is Halo Infinite flight this weekend using the grapple shot and the rocket launcher . Enjoying the community. The only downside is not the game it is the people not using their microphone back in the day people were always chatting nowadays very few. Getting t-bagged on blood gulch. Xbox20

doing a 360 off the base and sniping someone across the map on Blood Gulch Xbox20

The first time I ever tried it was halo 3 and as soon as it started I got sniped in the head, and been getting whooped every time I play! Even though I stink, its still fun! Xbox20

Any news on more xbox series x stock for U.K please? Been on the look out for a series x for around 10 weeks and nothing, any where

All weekend Lan parties with boys halo CE and halo 2 Xbox20

My best halo multiplayer memories are back in the halo 2/ halo 3 days me and my best bud would always head down to his house after school and just play halo all night and have the best times those were the days Xbox20

i was playing halo CE and getting goatsed at the same time

Halo reach was there best multiplayer :)

staying up to play Reach multiplayer with the boys over winter break Xbox20

I played a rather unhealthy amount of Reach multiplayer back when I first got a 360. Infection and Swat were my go to modes lol Xbox20

Downloading the Trial from in the School Computer Lab, and playing Blood Gulch in LAN mode in 2008. Xbox20

Played the first 3 halo MP a lot. But Reach is where I went full on no life, joined a guild and man have some good memories favorite is me an my friend getting super drunk and him getting 30 kill streak and my as the Wheelman . Just don`t drive drunk irl! Xbox20

Xbox20 1. Meeting 2 best friends from the opposite coast on Halo 3, who I`m legit still friends with and talk to every day nearly 15 years later. One of whom, I share a birthday with. 2. Bungie Day - playing CTF on all the best Sandbox edits

Staying up till 5am after my friend fell asleep discovering I can make explosives fall from the sky on my player created maps. So then became my death races. Took me hours but we played for days. Xbox20

Halo Reach Griffball all night with the boys was a fantastic time full of laughter and joy. That was an unbeatable team and feels like it was ages ago. Thanks for all the memories Halo Xbox20

I played Halo CE multiplayer, almost every day after highschool (in 2006) with my best friend renting a public Xbox playing on LAN with everyone who wanted to join us. Sometimes we made some friends doing that, usually we played like 1-2 hours per play session

I was playing halo with my brother and his friend. So my brother was on top of a building trying to snipe me or his friend, when his friend comes behind him and is mid assasination animation when I go behind him and assassinate him, I then proceeded to assassinate my brother too.

Griffball with the lads, energy swords and grav hammers everywhere Xbox20

Halo reach on the Xbox 360

Sword Canceling in Halo 2! It was almost like its own mini game within the game. Such fond memories with complete strangers with the introduction of Matchmaking too!

Halo 3: I jumped on top of a warthog speeding towards me. Was dual wielding SMG`s and blasted the driver then turned to the gunner and got rid of him. It was just satisfying.

When you start a match it has an effect from a action movie.

Oh, fun! I`d have to say the time when some toxic goblin screamed obscenities at my girlfriend and then we never played the game ever again. Good thing you nipped that problem in bud years ago though so no one else will have to go through that!

My brother and I used to play Halo 2 duos together. We played a match one time just messing around and we fell behind 0-5. We looked at each other and said ok time to start playing. We ended up winning 25-5 Xbox20

Halo multiplayer introduced me to tea-bagging. I got so addicted to tea-bagging that I started doing it in real life too. I couldn`t stop. It started with my fish, then courageously moved up to my boss at work. Halo multiplayer forever changed the trajectory of my life.

Suicide by missile podding a banshee, which landed on me after I used the man cannon on Valhalla. Made it onto fails of the weak! Xbox20

Honestly you named one of my best memories there. Cancel grieving your friends is a good time!

Beating Halo 2 on Legendary for the first time, followed by countless hours of multiplayer with friends! Xbox20

Halo Reach custom games with abunch of friends, friends of friends, or randoms. One of my favorites is probably energy sword tournaments where you face 1v1s with energy swords Xbox20

The release weekend of Halo 3 a guy said Its hammer time. As a group of us went into a game of hammers. At the end he said, That sucked. My friends and I still reference it to this day Xbox20

Halo 3 LAN max speed low gravity snipers only

This`ll be my first halo experience :)

Throwing my first lan party at 14 having 15 people come over an bring xboxs and big tvs and we had a 2v2 tournament then a 4v4 then a best of 9 games 8v8 to end the night off, betting money each time good times <3

Experiencing Halo for the first time at my cousins house and we would sit for hours playing it together. Either split screen or wed take turns playing multiplayer, those memories will last a lifetime Xbox20

I could hear that boop, boop, boop...BEEP!

During the Halo 2 days, I went into matchmaking and a game mode called Team Plasma Wars came up. The only weapons were Plasma Rifles (and the Brute variant) and it was so awesome just seeing red and blue plasma bolts flying everywhere! Xbox20

Playing Halo Reachs FireFight with my brother and knocking down some Covenant! While also getting my behind kicked. Xbox20

>Newtana becomes old Cortana >Chief lives >Escharum dies >Main villain "Harbinger", leads a new faction "Endless" >Monitor trying to rebuild Zeta Halo but Chief kills him and stops it >Campaign ends with a cliffhanger with Chief entering a portal >multiple campaigns

Grinding 50 true skill or searching in a 5 man in social slayer back in the day, H3 never gets old even 14 years later I still play it on the original 360. Xbox live in its prime

Loved playing clan matches in Halo 2 back in the MLG days. So much fun. Xbox20

Managing to flip an Elephant for the first time in Halo 3 and seeing the message that came up So many people I tried to tell about that didn`t believe me and wouldn`t come to check Xbox20 My biggest/best memories were being the only girl in teams made entirely of guys, who would be in disbelief that a girl could play better than they did at times! Somehow I felt a sense of personal accomplishment that can never be replaced, being a young female gamerXbox20

Got over 20 sticky kills and learned how to grapple hammer poor defenseless bots

Me sending this man Flying ill be playing halo multiplayer on my ps5, the better console

My friend and I playing split screen when we left the escape pod and looked around. We were like woooooooow

When my friend was on a killtacular and I sniped him and ended his streak...we were on the same team Xbox20

My Best Halo Multiplayer Memories was Always with Friends. Xbox20

Playing Forge on Halo Reach when it first came out.

Bip. Bap. Bam. Will forever be one of the most memorable things stuck in my head Xbox20

Halo1 PC LAN parties at my high school`s computer club Xbox20

Halo 2, super bouncing all the way up the X building, iff you know you know

Splitscreen with my brothers on Lockout playing Swords, trying to lunge through the glass in the center to kill a player on top who`s toes were clipping through. xbox20

PlayStation runs forza better

I love the Halo Race in Forza Horizon 4

Definitely halo reach and its custom game modes people were very creative Xbox20

LAN parties with where the Ethernet cable ran through the whole house to prevent screen looking! hangemhigh

system linking with friends and having a blast making montages.

Boop, boop, boop, PLAYSTAION

Lets see having all my buddies playing on 5 TVs and playing In those big LAN parties for hours

When my 360 RROD`d the day Halo 3 released Xbox20

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Right now is playing the halo infinite flights

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