Xbox Series X is 10X better than the PS5

June 11, 2021, 7:24 pm
Xbox Series X is 10X better than the PS5
Xbox Series X is 10X better than the PS5

They`re both great consoles

I don`t see what the problem is. They are both amazing consoles and each have their ups and downs as every console does. Just play what you want and don`t hate people for having a different opinion. It`s that simple.

I`m about to read the comments. Wish me luck people!

Imagine still having console wars

its a few percentage points faster and an entire library worse

I don`t remember asking but okay

If I could get my damn hands on one Id like to confirm or deny

Y`all keep powering your dreams. Mine has already manifested Shut up and just play your games

I think they are both great and hope to get a PS5 for exclusive games when they are more readily available. One thing is for sure whichever platform you choose dont buy from scalpers.

You keep thinking that.

Bro....can you read? I said "latest", you had to go back 20 years to get a comeback

I will say the xbox can take better advantage of high end monitors. You can set the refresh rate to a constant 120Hz while the ps5 is LOCKED at 60Hz & only a few games support anything higher But.. ps5 has games & that`s kinda the whole point No clear winner for me yet. in ur words.... Neither is the latest Halo and Gears


You`re not wrong kkkkkkk joke huh, there`s no game

You would be wise not to

Love it when kids miss the sarcasm.

I have both this is 100% correct

Say that without crying

Watch everyone switch over to Nintendo

X stands for 10, I know, but that`s not how it works, dude.

watching people fight over consoles as a pc player is rlly funny. especially when you claim exclusives are a good things lmao that`s really something.

stop it guys and just let everyone enjoy what he likes at the end we are all gamers

We all just need to admit that the kfc gaming console is the superior gaming system

Both consoles are good.

Wow, the fanboys are out in force. How about you all just play your games and stop brown-nosing your chosen platform.

i got master chiefs back till the end yo 117

Yall gotta stop with console wars

Why can`t people just accept that both consoles have their own pros and cons? It`s completely fine to have both, or just one.

I dont care about which is better, I just enjoy playing games with my friends

What makes you such an expert

I dont know why everyone is so salty about consoles. Just buy the one you like and let other people enjoy the one they like

Im guessing youre single

The only games that they play for 7 years.. My life started, Xbox Series X day 2 of release. Enjoying but influenced by my PS friends to get PS5, only to want Xbox Series X back. I generally sell it trade for the one I want. Only thing PS5 has is the haptic trigger and I dont even like it

Relax little man you should be grateful mommy & daddy bought you an X-Box. If you ever grow up one day you might be able to buy a PC like a real gamer. Your Xbox & Playstation consoles will gather dust in the closet like it`s a Sega or an Intellivision.

Imagine not being able to play God of War Ragnarok, Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, Spider-Man 1, miles morales or 2, Returnal, Demons Souls. talk to me when you hear anything about your first next gen exclusive.

There is a Fact: Nothing is better than a Console. Xbox Is Good, Playstation is Good, PC is Good, Switch is Good. Just enjoy video games instead of spending time on Twitter argue which system is better

As a xbox player i disagree

As an PlayStation fanboy I agree with this statement. PS5 doesnt really have much to offer other than exclusives. No doubt its an excellent console and fun to play on but its just the way Sony his handling it is a concern. Ill get hate just for saying this but its true.

I swear Im unfollowing the videogames topic


When adults act like 8 year olds and fuel the fires of immature console wars.

Xbox Series X is pretty good, it just doesn`t have any first-party exclusives.

Im an Xbox guy, but 10x is a bit disingenuous. 1.5x-2x. PS5 is a formidable console, Xbox Series X is just more powerful.

L M A O yes I will believe you and not Digital Foundry and VG Tech get owned Its actually pathetic how worked up people get over plastic boxes that literally do rhe same thing

Yo fella can we try to keep the console wars down?

5x, to make it 10x they need games. And this coming from a Xbox guy

I respectfully disagree

For playing halo, this is 100% true

You mean the Xbox Series S obviously.

Not true. I have both and currently there are titles that are better on each of the consoles. If you havent tried the ps5 controller you honestly have no idea what a game changer it is

I own both of them and theyre both good Even Xbox themselves posted a tweet saying normalise being friends with someone who owns a different console (or something liek that) console wars are so dumb, because each console has good things and bad things, each have things certain people will like while others wont.

Microsoft sells Xbox at a loss.. Xbox is a washed system. That being said I hope I can get a series X soon

You lost a zero somewhere: Xbox series X is 100x better than the ps5 Fixed it

Read ur USername and thats all i needed to know lol. Cnt take u serious

They`re both good so just enjoy your games. Yeah, I personally think PS5 is better, but why should you care what my preference is? Just have fun with your video games; that`s why they exist.

Lol what a garbage statement

Can we just enjoy our games and consoles without comparing them?

10x? That`s the series S, X is 100x more powerful than PS5.

Pc is better than both.

This post is hysterical and does exactly what was wanted, get people riled up lol. For technicalities the XSX is 16.73% better in gpu performance which is what the extra 1.72 tflops gets you. I will enjoy the SSD compression and exclusives that exist on PS5, thank you lol.

Thanks for giving me someone new to block

Ehhh....I consciously decide to buy xbox over Playstations every generation and even I can`t agree with that bruh They`re both great

Nop, more fire There both as good as long as a game works on both of them there`s no need to argue over which ones best

Technically yes but they need to bring on the bug games

Xbox Series X is 10X better at having no games than the PS5

Gamecast is infinity + 8 times better than both

Nah,,,, X is a 10 in Roman numerals & half of 10 is 5 So, I think you may have maybe more people cry if it was worded more like The PS5 is only half the power of XboxSeriesX

Your uhh.. joking right? Somebody always has to start throwing poop on Mondays.why? Why even start this? It always ends the same exact way If only I could get my hands on one!!!

Owning both systems because they both offer great things is better

Indeed, my good sir.

Still not buying an Xbox

Laughs in adaptive triggers

I don`t know not one person that goes through digital catalogs and or stores and looks at a game and says I`m buying this game because it`s an exclusive majority games played are cross platform and as an owner of both ps5 and xsx the xsx plays faster better and smoother

No exclusives and we are almost a year into the launch of the system

Can Xbox Series X sale 10 times better than PS5? It crazy how it still getting outsold 2:1 Are you kidding? Xbox Series X is 69420X better than PS5

Ill surely find out since Ill have both consoles soon I have the series x already and the PS5 pre ordered

PS5 is more powerful than even me so stfu

10X better? Why not 32X better Both have their pros and cons. I think it boils down to what kind of experience your looking for.

If you believe so, but why try so hard to make others believe your opinion.


please explain what exactly is better? Only thing I know is their BC.

Calm down there. Im for Xbox this generation, but it aint that much better.

Fun fact: who cares let people enjoy things

All consoles are good imo

The fact that it is only $500 thats the cherry on top!

When you try to Fanboy and no one likes you That may be but right now im an xbox fanboy and i would rsther have a ps5 because they have alot more games to offer right now

The monkey in his mother`s eye is a deer

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