Xbox reminds me of that rich kid that`s buys

September 12, 2021, 3:00 am
Xbox reminds me of that rich kid that`s buys
Xbox reminds me of that rich kid thats buys all the top tier Jordan gear to play basketball and he delivers a mediocre performance. Xbox had two shows this year and it didnt leave a footprint the way the 40 minute PlayStationShowcase left

Im convinced with xbox. Playstation is just well established Love both equally though

Imma just watch the dog fights in the comments.

Halo isnt. If anything, FH5 is.

People saying the same thing ab the playstation show. I on the other hand enjoyed both.

Only to me it`s the kid that buys Jordan`s to watch a others play (GP)

If the PS showcase was so great why aren`t you talking about it instead of Xbox? It`s because it wasn`t even good, a couple of CGI trailers of games 3 years out?? The PS roaches already forgot. It`s didn`t, because Sonys event left a shit of a footprint compared to this holiday and 2002 on xbix

Because sony payed disney for kotor and wolverine? Well see how xbox responds.

Imagine not liking both

I kinda disagree. Xboxs E3 was still pretty good, no matter how good PlayStation did with their showcase.

I have both, and the only games I cared for was Kotor before the BS, Forsaken or whatever it was called, and the Bethesda games. Theres nothing interesting to me on Xbox. Not to mention the fact that until those games come out you can hype about a game but until you play them and see they are good theres no reason to dunk on people over their choices in consoles even then theres just no reason for it

If you cant afford consoles and you broke, just say that.

You are realy sony fanboy

Dude you all are children fighting over whos dad can beat up whos dad. Get over it. Console wars is dumb. Should be happy we all are getting awesome games. So far for me Xbox has been more consumer friendly with game pass. Have both btw.

Definitely like Richie Rich... Paying people to hang out and play. When that doesn`t work they just buying all the toys so if kids want to play with them they have to come and play with Richie

You are smoking good shit and whoever agrees with this is as durgged up as this statement. A CGI trailer of a IP that transends gaming isn`t because of Sony it`s because the character is popular. 35 minutes of sonys show was completely forgettable I bet you couldn`t remember

Ill give Xbox credit for its Games Pass as I know a lot of people like it and is a great idea. But as far exclusive games go, they did a terrible job on the Xbox One and the Series X currently isnt looking any better.

Why is this coming up as an Xbox topic on my feed? It`s just some Sony fan opinion... Do better Each to his own, if you like playing the same games, PlayStation is for you. I`m more excited for Fable, StarField, Perfect Dark, Halo, Elder Scroll 6, what did PlayStation have again. Thats the dumbest take I have heard, people buy Jordans as a part of fashion because how great they look not because of performance. You need to grow up and stop being in console wars

In UK its called all the gear, no idea As a long-term hardcore gamer I own all the platforms (inc gaming PCs), and do love my XSX GamePass, back-compat, some multi-plats I spent loads of time with Xbox, but I agree that Im missing a platform defining unique game on Xbox

We must be remembering the reaction to the xbox E3 differently. It was very loud and very positive. The gamescom show was terrible though.

Sony gave us a 47 minute show with only 15 minutes worth of content that looked quality. MS gave well over 15 minutes of great games in two shows. This is ignorance, at its finest.

Its funny how people view things when they are bias to one side lol

So xbox e3 showcase didnt left nothing? Okay pony here this you Xbox can remind you of a lot of things when it keeps living in your head rent free

Microsoft has no taste "Steve Jobs"

The second one was just really boring for me, except for psychonauts2 Im a PS fan for their games so obliviously I prefer their games, hence I like their show better. But the show was B+~A- (too much deathloop..) But Xbox e3 was just as good imho.

Xbox E3 way better

Forza Horizon 5 > Everything Sony..

I wasnt impressed, but you do you dog

Theres a reason my Xbox one has basically been a glorified paperweight all these years

Oh come on.. you did learn about trebuchets

It didnt leave a footprint for you because you dont care about Xbox which is okay dude. I feel like people forgot about the first 30 minutes of the ps showcase

Xbox has more games planned the coming years than PS....

Its because they havent proved themselves. They didnt have a mediocre performance its that people dont know what to expect, Starfield and the works havent been seen yet. Im pretty sure we know what to expect from a new God of War, Spider-Man, and Wolverine game. No?

I was very happy about both of the showings, xbox and Sony. You`re just a console warrior lol

Recency bias is a hell of a drug. Xbox`s E3 was very strong. The Starfield trailer alone has over 15M views on Bethesda`s YouTube. Come back to this topic in 4 weeks and see if you still feel the same way.

Well the real gold nuggets are the third party indies they push out every year that don`t get too much hype but definitely a big fan bade. One of those games being something like space engineers. Ps never had a crafting game like it (albeit similar) but nothing like it tbh.

Say hello to your mother for me.

Hell even the intro they made was top notch..

40 minutes or 10 minutes???

Yet here you are. Talking about Xbox

If xbox was a cartoon character. Quality > Quantity Still cant believe xbox had a show talking about trebuchets

I love my ps, Spider-Man &Im super hyped for Wolverine. I think we are slipping if we start saying Starfeild on gamepass day 1 isnt an equally huge deal. The amount of casual audience thats going to soak in is a tidal wave once they have gamepass streaming w/o a box.

GoW and Spiderman 2 were the only games that are 100% solid from the showcase. Lets not get crazy now.

Honestly so far out of all the big games announced for xbox the only one i think could truly deliver an amazing experience equivalent to god of war or horizon is fable xbox really need to push for some solid story experiences instead of damn racing games every year

I keep saying, I still got that $500 set aside for a Series X but THERE ARE NO GAMES FOR IT. And I dont give a shit about Game Pass, either. Meanwhile, over at my PS5 in addition to Returnal, R&C Rift Apart, Ghost Of Tsushima I didn`t even know Xbox had A show let alone two

Well said That is your opinion. I have a different opinion. I think Xboxs E3 Showcase was filled with games that I am excited for. Similarly, I think Sonys Showcase was also excellent. Gamers are the winners out of all this competition.

Right those new IPs with gameplay were such bangers


LMFAO and xbots are the rich kids friends who pretend theyre everything he is hahahahahbahaah

Perfect analogy.

Best comparison I`ve read. Sony buying Insomniac, Nixxes, Housemarque, and Firesprite. Xbox buys Bethesda / Zenimax. PS spends probably 5-10% of entire Bethesda purchase. Xbox competing with Uncharted (Indiana Jones), PlayStation building their own path. Can`t buy greatness.

Just priced to me PS is on God Tier while everyone else is mortal

Ps show who? Ps fanboys still talking about xbox even after they claim the ps showcase had more of an impact, just shows how poorly the showcase was if ps guys can`t even keep it about ps

Exactly! Same happened last year when Sony was quiet afraid of 12 Tflops and then drops the showcase and Xbox showed Craig. ready to see what all that new gear can do. If Halo is representing the top talent then I know Im gonna be disappointed

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