Xbox head Phil Spencer has thrown a rare bit

June 11, 2021, 5:27 am
Xbox head Phil Spencer has thrown a rare bit
Xbox head Phil Spencer has thrown a rare bit of criticism Sony`s way, calling out their PC port strategy and charging for the same game twice.

What about the bank breaking coat of gamepass ult Phil?!

So I`m confused if I buy an Xbox series x game it will play on both my Xbox and PC?

When Uncle Phil starts releasing Sony quality type games he can talk. Until then he needs to shut up and show the games. Talk is cheap. Isn`t the strategy sell it to ps4 and 5 players. Then sell it to pc players and not the same market? Am I missing the point?

I`d agree with him especially if the game is the same price. Obviously it takes money to port to PC, but if it`s like 20-30$ cheaper, I don`t really care. Same price tho...

Who cares! We need Persona 5 Royal on Xbox and PC so bad! If you own the game on Playstation and buy it on PC that`s your own stupidity, sounds like he`s worried Sony is moving into PC gaming

To be fair, their controller isn`t exactly going above and beyond compared to last gen.

Why would I but it twice? I played Horizon on PS4, why would I buy it after plat trophy on pc now? Or i just buy it later on PC if I dont own the system its on.

Probably not a coincidence he makes this criticism today. Perhaps a Steam partnership will be announced on Sunday.

This guy is right. Someone had to say it.

Glad to see him throwing shade tbh. Xbox has really stepped up in the past few years creating powerful consoles, game pass, first party games on PC same time as Xbox and can play it on both after you buy it once. What`s Sony done? Charge you more for games? Lmao

I prefer my Xbox Series X instead of a PC gaming setup.....

How about you stop holding XBOX series X s for ransom and release more so people can actually purchase them . Shit has been released for what 7 or 8 months ago and you still can`t purchase them. Stop blaming the pandemic. You and Sony are holding them for ransom

funny how Sony people just do their thing and Phil always yelling " do like I do! everything else is invalid! we got Microsoft money!" ... doesnt microsoft make you pay twice for the same games on either xbox or pc?

Yeah okay, but you force people into your ecosystem otherwise you charge people again if they want your games on Steam instead of your crappy Windows store which uses a fucked up file system and doesn`t allow for mods, the whole point of PC gaming.

What would be the point of putting their games on pc for free. Horizon Zero Dawn released on steam, sold well and made them money. Clearly people are willing to pay for their games.

It is shady. Ideally you should only have to buy a game once and then have access to that game on any platform it is available on but thats not how you make money

I dont get why Sony should care about PC players, I dont think they even make laptops anymore its a bonus they even port there exclusive games there

Every like this comment gets squashes a PS fanboy.

Well, Microsoft is making games with Microsoft money for "Microsoft Xbox" and "Microsoft Windows". Unless Sony started making games for Sony PlayStation and "Sony Windows", I don`t see them giving their Microsoft PC ports for free.

They`re not forcing anyone to buy those games twice

We knew it would happen, now time for the lawsuit to start.

Yeah most games require you to buy them if played on multiple systems.

Why would I buy a game on PC when I bought it for the PS4 or PS5 I dont own a Xbox so I will the few games you have for the Xbox on my PC like sea of thieves

with all of PS`s exclusives, I`m glad there`s finally a possibility of playing them. Though it`d be nice to get them at launch.

Like who`s gonna pay any PS exclusives on PC more than the console version ! Is that a main reason to port any PS exclusives to PC with high price , no thanks I`m stick to console version !

That`s how you et dirty when you`re on the losing side

is this head of Xbox that approved the disaster halo showing last year. ? now we question his credibility and weak leader. please resign and let new breed to succeed him. getting old with game pass n pass. with no new games. period n fact. time to replace weak leader.

Wow, really getting jelaous now ey Phil?

if you don`t own a ps4/ps5 than u dont pay twice simple mr xceo guy.

TIL that Sony puts guns to peoples heads and forces them to click purchase.

So I can expect free PC copies of the Halo and Gears games I bought over the years.

Fanboys are probably gonna say how Xbox has no games like ok but that doesn`t relate to the question

Yes throw shade at Sony about making some people pay twice. But ignore the fact you make people pay $500 for a box with all the games you can get on PC. Theres literally no reason to own an Series X when its all on pc

All we need is Day 1 Sony "exclusives" on PC and we can all rejoice by never having to buy another console again.

Can you can rectify this bit of wrong information that was shared earlier? He should focus on XBOX .. his console launched with very few games , while we had many and are playing Ratchet today

Well who else is he talking about? Because Nintendo doesn`t port a damn thing to PC. lol

Next gen , hiring studios Piece of plastic preferably aside. He has a point.

He is right tho people have to spend more money while game pass is friendly consumer.

This is why competition is a good thing. Hopefully itll allow for improvements to this system across the board.

Ohh no. Ready your fortifications men. The console war is on the horizon once more

Sounds like what a loser would say

Somehow one side of the weird console war is going to see the idea of only having to pay for a game once as bad out of sheer fanboysim lol.

If Sony gave us the Getaway 3 Id buy a PS5

Everyone saw this already damn here come the toxic comments

Here comes the console war

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