"XBOX HAS NO GOOD GAMES" Yesterday, I shared an

June 25, 2021, 4:22 am

"XBOX HAS NO GOOD GAMES" Yesterday, I shared an image with all Day One releases on XboxGamePass. I received a lot of "that`s a lot of games, but there`s only a handful of good ones in there". So I decided to take a look on the Metascores of the Xbox Game Pass catalog :)

This is what happens when you don`tt get variety out of your games. Xbox is king of variety atm.

The haters will always find something to fake concern about. Sadly it`s how they get their jollies

Control and Doom Eternal should both be in the 90+ as well.

How many of this games are exclusives?

@Gns76Smith If someone doesn`t have a reason to get a Xbox console, that`s not an issue. Xbox is about providing games and the ecosystem to the player. They can decide where to play, whether on PC, XSX or mobile You`ll get great games from Game Pass no matter what`s your favorite platform.

Let`s just enjoy the game on the devices we want to without bothering what any fanboy has to say. Fanboys always find excuses to shift goalpost if a narrative doesn`t suit them, it went from Xbox has no games to Xbox has no good games. It`ll change to something else soon enough

You mentioned something very interesting, and I believe that ongoing games should have a session with critics based on the year`s updates. Like No Man`s Sky, which also has a 71, I believe he is deserving of a higher score.

All depends on what you like

How many people in the world do you think could afford all those things? You live in a dream world. Or maybe it`s just a fantasy one.

Surprised to see Minecraft dungeons so low...critics have no taste

Why does Goat Sim have such a low metacritic score?

Scores are BS anyway.

Well it could be XBox has no good games with a silent that I like. I personally dont care for FPS so I didnt even bother with an XBox in the past because that was the majority of their exclusives.

Whats funny to me is that hello neighbor, days, and goat simulator were all great games that were well worth the buy.

Most of those are third parties... When they say that quote they mean not exclusive good games.

Funny because Dayz is one of my favorite games. Metacritic scores mean nothing to me.

Maneater and minecraft dungeons being below 75? Lmao

Who gave goat simulator a bad rating. Boo Only Exclusive games!?!?

Goat simulator and day z red wtf

Well Goat Simulator should of been an easy 90, LOL!!!

Alright who gave Goat Simulator a bad score?

I know it`s kinda old, but who ranked Goat Simulator so low?? Deserves at least a 70! Game`s frickin hilarious!

Wait Goat Simulator needs to be a 100/100 game

Real gamers won`t limit themselves to one console over the other. This playstation vs Xbox narrative is very childish imo

1) this is awesome! Disputing with the numbers, well played. 2) how long did this take you? 0_0

Goat simulator is that far down!?

this would be cool to have the meta score of each game

Another narrative bites the dust, awesome work bro! XboxGamePass Xbox

Thanx for the work. Definitively worth sharing it.

Same with State of Decay 2, it has a 66 it looks like and has been one of my favorite/most played games for the past year+. Theyve added so much to it and are still adding and improving stuff. Kinda hard to review live service type games such as that, SoT, Grounded, etc

That is some fantastic work dude and completely destroys any narratives!! Well done INDEED..... Stolen, thanks for taking the time to put that together.

How in the F is Goat SImulator 59- Metascore? THAT`S A TOP TIER MASTERPIECE

You just dropped an atomic bomb over toxic sonyland

How many of those games are only on the Xbox.

Yeah indeed look at a gameplay short video and decide for yourself

You were trying to counter "Xbox has no games" chat with the list of third party games that I can play on PS now. No reason to buy an Xbox. Plenty of reason to buy a PS. Xbox still has no games.

Hello Neighbor ain`t a xbox exclusive

Yes the PC has a great games archive. I think people who make that charge are talking about industry leading content debuting on Xbox only. Forza is leadership content, Halo looks like it will miss the mark. What are the other must have leadership entries?

Who cares about some stupid scores, people are over powering those numbers they mean nothing

These ratings are an absolute joke. I really liked Goat simulator and Hello Neighbor, It`s sad a lot of gamers base what they`re going to play off of someone else`s opinion. Cyberpunk is a good example, i would have missed out on a lot of fun if i listened to tools.

Thats koo but Im talking about people who think its a problem now

most players have played old games or own them already, for me gp has no games and has 0 value... gp value depends on the person your asking...

Show us meta for the games we can`t play on PlayStation. Show us meta for Xbox studio exclusives.

Wow so many exclusive in this list, and not adding available on PlayStation or Switch is so lame

Who`s gonna tell him ?

Whenever I`ve seen the "[ console] has no games" nonsense it`s usually in regards to exclusives. I remember seeing it a lot during the early days of the PS3 as well. When you add in third party games, of course every platform will have games.

100% of those can be played on other consoles, PC`s and tablets.

@IdleSloth84 I know you guys have to deal with this narrative A LOT, so this data might interest you haha

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