Xbox has no games https://t

June 23, 2022, 10:01 pm
Xbox has no games https://t
Xbox has no games

So you don`t like games then lol because that`s what sony are doing. You are a phony. I mean if youre counting multiplats and indies . People didnt drop $500 for multi plat/ Indies and last gen games. Fanboys and Xbots did but most everyone else didnt

Then simply used Microsoft rewards and use the money from it. That way, you save your money and still get rewards from gp

Almost all of these are coming to PS5 and PS5 has the better exclusives

Blue side: 2 of these are multiplats and one no date and a 3rd remake More than half of these are multiplatform, like where did you get half of them from? Was never any doubt the half I`m referring to where going to be exclusive.

Im assuming you know when a lot of ppl say that, its referring to games that you can only play on that system. Its not a literal thing And since you accuse ppl about being fanboys... Why do you engage with this fanboy tweet

When you get exclusives come and talk!

The vast majority of those are multiplats also on PlayStation...some of those like Persona 5 Royal have been on PlayStation for a looong time while Xbox is still waiting for it. How are any of these games a reason to buy Xbox?

Xbox got no gamesthats all PS4 and PC

Better question is does Microsoft have goty exclusive and that a majority vote and on the bigger awards for example Oscar, not many have them but for the most part only the actual legends have one of course they`re more biased but point is it one of the bigger achievements

I think you discovered torrents

Wise choice. I thought you still have one . If I were too have a powerful PC that has free online and has all xbox games. Its a no brainer

Remakes are optional. And its just Demons souls and TLOU. Is there any other remake? And sooner or later game prices will go up. Better graphics, bigger worlds, more mechsnics = more expensive to make. Im fine with paying premium for premium games

Do you have an xbox?

True same with Nintendo and PS. Advantage of PS, its exclusives plus those multiplats

Don`t forget Pentiment Many of those are multiplats

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