Xbox gamers talk about acquisitions

January 22, 2022, 5:48 pm
Xbox gamers talk about acquisitions
Xbox gamers talk about acquisitions. Ps gamers talk about games.

Xbox games talk about Xbox. PS gamers talk about Xbox.

I don`t know, you let me look back at your tweets,,

If I can chime in here, the toxic Xbox gamers who absolutely hate ps will talk acquisitions, while the actual gamers on Xbox keep to themselves talk games. As does PS, there are those who absolutely loathe Xbox and those who talk quality games

Thats would mean that you`re not a PS gamer then so that can`t be true, or maybe it is you`re weird.

PS gamers talk about Xbox Xbox games talk about the great value of GP at the cheap cheap price for all there gaming needs in on monthly payment.

Wasn`t ps gamers asking Sony to buy Square Enix, Take-Two, etc?

Yeah Xbox games lmao and don`t forget Twitter

I see what you did there

this you? Then by your logic you must be a Xbox gamer because you don`t ever talk about game. You only talk about Xbox

No, ps gamers talk about xbox. Your tweet is typical of a ps fanboy.

Please sell me on playstation without mentioning xbox or It`s games

Marlis talks about Xbox

False, all I see is posts from Xbox and ps players talking about this recent acquisition

This is very true on observation. And we PS gamers are also excited whenever Sony acquires a new studio but thats because it means new high quality games for PS5. Those acquisitions will become games that will ONLY be on xbox though, you forgot to mention that part.

Well 90% of your tweets are about Xbox , instead of games so...

Yall begging Sony for Capcom, Konami, taketwo and square after the Activision acquisition lol shut up

And you talk about xbox

Honestly Ive seen just as many ps gamers talking about acquisitions.

Ps gamers talk about xbox fixed that for you

Xbox gamers talk about games. Ps gamers talk about Xbox. *Fixed it for ya again

They dont have any games to talk about

When you aquire studios they produce games so essential they are talking games. And you talk about Xbox more than Xbox gamers do

Nah Xbox gamers (like myself) speak of how great the future of Xbox is while acknowledging PlayStation`s games, and so does PlayStation gamers It`s just console war cesspools like you and your followers are in to keep the never ending narrative of "PlayStation good, Xbox bad"

To be fair though those acquisitions are going to lead to a lot more games

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