Xbox fanbase in a nutshell https://t

September 21, 2021, 1:42 am
Xbox fanbase in a nutshell https://t
Xbox fanbase in a nutshell

Looks like you used only PS Now. Try other services.

Not really. It`s actually more platforms as the acquired studios release the games on xcloud which might not be the case without acquisition.

Wrong ... but if it fits your narrative I guess!

Only for playstation which they do all the time. At least with xbox it is on pc and the console and you can cloud play games on your phone. That is way more devices then just playstation

your post screams for attention...

Them buying devs means more games on xbox. How do you fail to see that?

Playstation fanboys in a nutshell No not all of them

Some Xbox fans... It doesn`t get weirder than the entire PlayStation community though.

Yeah jez is a good example

What was the game?

Damn even Jez is annoyed by them

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