Xbox dudes that said they would never have to

June 10, 2021, 11:47 am
Xbox dudes that said they would never have to
Xbox dudes that said they would never have to spend $70 for a game on Xbox: BATTLEFIELD2042 NotInGamePass MultiplayerOnlyShooter DecisionsDecisions

I mean ,technically, if they have game pass ultimate then BF2042 is on sale for $62-63 ( forget the exact amount).

So they will not play that game

Its got to be something i really want. Not dropping anything extra for just any game.

Man, I`m just going to wait on it until it hits EA play/ gamepass. If it is anything like Star wars squadron we won`t wait long

I`m sure this was the react on a few of those podcast GTA 6 will most likely cost $70 and not be on Gamepass. If they boycott that, then Playstation will continue to get support from Rockstar and strengthen their partnership.

What Xbox dude saying this?

Well... there is that... With gamepass and gameshare Im paying 31 for series X version

But cant they just get the one x version for 60 and upgrade it for free? you know smart delivery

Not paying 90$CAD. Thanks to gamepass, it comes with EA play. And i get to play the best console version of the game. The preorder on PS5 is $60 while on XSS/XSX, it`s $70 lmao

Ppl get mad, cuz BF2042 is $70 on xbox, same with nba 2k21 and CoD: Cold War

They excuse is no campaign so not paying 70 but will rent halo 180 a year on gp It`s Sony`s fault and here you are talking about xbox.

Jay we don`t have to buy it it`s day 1 in Game Pass

Fuk ea i sweared i wouldnt get any of their published games since they canned anthem

Still arent paying 70. Theres a discount with game pass take that jay

Bro. Why you lying about ps5 game prices. Lol

They will wait for it on GP mark my words lol

Fat Carlton talking about Xbox again.

PS5 version is $60 atm. Pre-order before it`s fixed

bu bu bu but though 3rd party games come day one on GamePass

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