#WWDC in 6 days… What are you hoping for?

June 2, 2021, 3:41 am
#WWDC in 6 days… What are you hoping for?
WWDC in 6 days What are you hoping for?

a hot virtual assistant

Commitment to offer matte black colors on all future hardware.

A real workstation MacBook Pro

MacBookPro new design with M1 or something.

I just want a MacBook at this point

M2 MBP w/ more ports. Bonus if built in 5G.

I hope that iOS 15 supports in iPhone 6s and SE

IOS14 had everything I want tbh

Anyone notice the M2 label on the left? Captain: Scotty, I need more power!!! Scotty: Im giving you all shes got!!!

Hi Fi for Apple Music

An iPad Pro that can beat the functionality of Surface Pro or a MacBook Air with touchscreen.

The iMac colors to come to MacBooks

I`m hoping that iOS 15 will be available for iPhone SE (1st gen).

A plug less new mac and phone... something with 0 cables. Technology is there. unleach the Apple !

An electric heater that mines cryptocurrency. Not really a joke. Cool with an apple logo on it.

16 MacBook Pro with M1 chip (or M2 or M80 or)

iPad mini 6, iPhone 12 series smart battery case, AirPods Max Lite

Mac Book Pro or iMac or both

A new iPad mini design matching the iPhone12 Pro design language.

To see what they do with iPad OS to see if I wanna drop coin on the 12.9

Ultra wide apple monitors for under a grand please.

Progress bar in files app on iOS/iPadOS. And pro apps on iPad pros, not only cause I want final cut on there, but also to hopefully elevate other pro apps to be more useful and versatile as well

photo app sux, cant MOVE photos into album, cant sort by name. sharing anything to iMsg sux: why not show most used contacts first? shortcuts in ios is ugly crutch compared to android

I just want blue macbooks (m1x or m2) and release of apple music with lossless and spatial audio features

A better App Store for tvOS (at least have an updates tab like the other OSs!) and for match frame rate not to break audio sync with HomePods!

Hoping apple starts accepting cryptocurrency

Bring the MBP with M1. Lose the TouchBar. Add some ports. How about Cellular!

Glucose monitoring on watch!

A MacBook with a 16 display and a chip starting with an M.

Redesigned M2 MacBook Air please

I still remember the days when WWDC had 0 marketing and solely focused on developers and presenting the new SDK...

27 iMac if they dont release it. Im going to lose it. Sold my previous one year and half ago

FCPX for iPad M1. I think its coming. They cant wait any longer to compete with LumaFusion.

Im hoping for new beats earbuds to drop

32-inch external display, 32-inch imac and new Mac mini.

A purple MacBook Pro!

Hoping for a good list of android features coming to ios 15 cause right now android 12 lookin .

Final Cut Pro for the iPad Pro.

iOS icons and task switcher that correctly switches to landscape mode. ilikedreaming

Higher repairability scores in all devices, thanks

Massive upgrade to iPadOS for M1 iPads!!!

Daddy needs a new 27" (or larger) iMac with Apple Silicon.

Removal of cruft. Whichof courseis not gonna happen.

A computer hobbyist friendly Mac

iPadOS needs new home screen and better files app with a progress bar to show when copying files. Also, give us the option to turn off notifications for Shortcut automations. They are so annoying.

My god these renders look like ps2 era

I want to see the next macOS and iOS.

Mark my imessage threads as unread.

Ability to run macOS applications on the M1 iPad Pro.

Xcode for iPad (M1 and As)

A 16 MacBook Pro with a powerful chip that can run my World of Warcraft nicely so I can dump the idea of a Windows gaming laptop.

I don`t know about anybody else but I look forward to apple`s newest commercials. I don`t like their walled garden approach with their products and ui but I love their commercials. They have some of the best marketing in the world.

I don`t expect to see anything from the main product line. But to use the M1`s power, iPadOS needs new improvements.

also I hope we get to customise the emojis skin tones in the keyboard settings once and for all instead of each emoji individually

A MacBook Pro available within the next two weeks not Summer 2021.

A massive iPadOS update that validates their decision to put the M1 in there.

Apple software and apps with power features out of the box. Its 2021 and why do Apple products not have features such as Natural Language Processing out of the box?

Looking forward to seeing HomeKit updates!

Im hoping on AirPods 3

An Arcade reboot, so there are console equivalent games, not those silly mobile games.

I`m hoping for the end of soldering memory chips and ssd drives.

I hope we get to choose whether or not get notifications from shortcuts on iphone

New AirPods. The basic ones, not the Pro.

Looking forward to iPadOS 15

Macbook pro 14 with m2

14 MacBook Pro with WiFi 6 would be awesome!

A serious overhaul to the mail app in iOS 15

Can we have a glass top MacBook.

Im hoping for Views Subscribers and Content

Big updates to iOS and iPadOS. Regarding the latter, I want more enhancements to the apps to distinguish them from iOS. Specifically, PLEASE give us the ability to import music to the Music app like on macOS! Editing ID3 tags would be amazing too, but thats pretty unlikely.

16 MBP that can actually drive multiple external monitors.

Hoping for the 16" MacBook refresh.

32 iMac that can lay down like a surface studio for graphic design or music production. With actual ports so you dont have 2 USB hubs hanging behind it.

A MacBook Pro that looks just like the one in the picture you posted!

More supported languages for HomePod Mini

EVERYTHING! And more, just one more

iMac Pro, in black and silver, with no chin

iPadOS and the pro apps!

calculator app for ipad os. im not joking im serious it s 2021

14 and 16 MacBook Pros with M1X chip!!

MacBook Pro 16 M1X 32 or 64GB RAM 1TB Storage

An update that fixes battery draining.

A good solid OS for IPhone

Larger screened iMac

A much more developed iPadOS for the new M1s

A mac and a crypto wallet

30 iMac Pro, please!

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