Wreck others then wreck yourself to get ahead

February 7, 2021, 7:43 pm
Wreck others then wreck yourself to get ahead
Wreck others, then wreck yourself to get ahead in Carnado, one of many explosive modes in Destruction AllStars.

This was free and I still want a refund

Fun game, wish it had some MUSIC during gameplay though, would bring up the intensity.

This game ok at best. You kinda start having the same games after awhile.

Where is my ps5

Stfu and make sum more ps5s

Love it , please keep it in PS Plus Forever

This game is pretty bad.

Really fun game, But it should stay free to play forever. This game is not worth $70, The game feels like a F2P tittle. Keep it like that and expand on it. Keeping it free also makes it so the playerbase grows. You`ll make your revenue through micro transactions.

Wish this was on PS4...

The online in this game isnt even working, multiplayer says 0 people online at the top of the screen in the main menu and every game I join is full of bots but they are really hard so I didnt notice until I saw the same people in almost every game, fix the servers

I can`t you sold all the PS5s to scalpers... you have no customers...

I streamed this game about 9 hours yesterday ! it was so much fun :) good job i can`t wait to play some more of it! My community loves it ! Most of them just wish it was on ps4 as well but it was amazing :)

Didnt ask. Make more PS5s. Jesus, the Ps6 is going to be available sooner.

Make me the ask for a follow botton and I will follow who ever does it Red heartRed heartRed heart

This is just Twisted Metal for zoomers, isn`t it?

lmaoo pc is better and so is the pc version, i can emulate it in real 32k 300fps+

This game needs more content

ATTENTION ALL PLAYSTATION FANS! It has recently come to my attention that Sony has been using dog noses to make their controllers! I will not stand by and let it happen! We must join together and convert to the PC Masterace to stop Sony`s evil deeds! Give me ps5 please and thank you

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