Would you switch from iOS to Android?

November 14, 2021, 7:20 pm
Would you switch from iOS to Android?
Would you switch from iOS to Android? iosdev

I would switch gender before I would switch to Android

I long time ago I did start on Android. I`m sure my experience is not representative of the current state of things but it wasn`t enjoyable and my experience with dealing with anything Google is it`s often not fun.

Multiple time per week (and vice versa) polyglott

I iOS but sometimes the shenanigans that Xcode gets up to, do make me wonder about greener grass on some other side.

I did both some years ago, but, nowadays I prefer iOS ALWAYS

No. Absolutely not.

I think either one should be a good option

Simple, I`ve never left Android. I have been coerced, forced to use IOS from time to time. Sheesh!

Ive made that mistake once and Ill never go back to Android.

LinuxKernel + + Freedom = Android ( If you`re not an idiot, Android is also a very secure OS && it`s OpenSource and completely free )

Why in the name of god would you do that?

Absolutely not Thats possible on iPhone hardware?! Oh right, closed monopoly ecosystem.

Not for the software experience. There has been some really interesting Android device hardware features that get me curious. Im in love with the Flips form factor

Thats blasphemy I like both but since I need to use Mac all the time, its more convenient for me to stay in the Apple ecosystem .

tried once... ended up with gradle building...

Only to something like or Nope, way deep in the Apple ecosystem. The only thing I use Android for is to have Apple CarPlay in my car with a soecial dongle

Nooooo. Love all the iOS ecosystem and all the api that iOS provides to developers! Also wwdc content is just amazing and macs Let me say it that way: I did my masters thesis in Android and I work very closely with our Android team and there is a reason why I chose iOS.

No, because apple ecosystem very comfort

I do both iOS and Android in senior level. I`m iOS tutor and also I`m a Kotlin GDE. Some people, even some work partners, don`t believe that I have an expertise and enough iOS experience. Until I became a GDE, people didn`t believe I used to be a good Android developer

Im in deep with the Apple ecosystem but I dont hate android

maybe - never say never

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