Would you buy an iPhone if it had Android?

June 11, 2021, 5:06 pm
Would you buy an iPhone if it had Android?
Would you buy an iPhone if it had Android?

Not really, then Id just buy a Samsung or something lol.

There would be zero optimisation

I would like to have a Android phone to have both android and ios in it and the ability to switch whenever I need If it had the option yes; and then Id keep on using iOS.

No tbh. I would not buy a new phone at all which I still am not, but the point is that rather android running iOS than iPhone running android just because I got really used to the software experience

Android has faster charging, better hardware, outside of the processor. So no. Also, iPhone has a notch the size of (insert joke here)

No because Apple hardware.

no. android is terribly optimised for such small amounts of ram.

Yes, but only if it supported bootloader unlocks as well :P

iPhone is all about the iOS

Stfu its iPhone*****

no, I want an iphone specifically for iOS

bro its iPhones*

No. Apple sells outdated hardware.

No wtf, you don`t buy an iphone for the hardware besides the SoC.

that ruins the point of the iPhone? Id rather buy something like the S21 Ultra if Android is the thing I want.

Maybe if non iPhones had iOS then yes

probably not, iOS is the main reason that iPhone hardware is as good as it is. the ram and other things would feel like shit on an android device, and if there`s no iOS I would rather get a Samsung flagship or something

No of course lol

If there`s a notch, no.

No. Then there wouldnt really be a point considering how underpowered iPhones are (except for chipsets) in comparison to other android manufacturers

Hell No!!!! But you buy an iPhone for iOS. Why would you buy it if it had android?

Add more ram, and totally.

I wouldnt have bought an iPhone if my OnePlus had iOS. Now I own both xd

Actually no, when people say that they love android, they actually mean that they like that it`s less restrictive than IOS. But for some reason, ios just works better.

The iPhone specs would be very bad with android ESPECIALLY ram

Then its not an iPhone LOL

why do you think I buy iPhones

Yes. The hardware is incredible. I`m just not a huge iOS fan tbh

No But I would buy an android if it ran iOS.

No. Needs 120Hz display, 65W charging min, LDAC support, 5x optical telephoto zoom, then I might think about it.

If weve got a option for dual-booting.

Maybe but the iPhone design with the notch wouldnt looks so cool on android.

Nope. If I ever do get an iPhone, that`d probably be for iOS!

iPhone is All About The iOS Experience

Android? Da hell is that. Must be bad cuz never heard of it

Yes if it`s in my budget

Only if budget friendly

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