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January 28, 2021, 2:00 am
Woohoo @sergeyszest @GreenShades9 @HANI_4k @LBPHeretic @YounesLayachi @sergeyszest @HANI_4k @LBPHeretic

No doubt, it`s doable (or more than), I`ve seen a lot of people that cover Google/Android using Macs, but I think the "magic" really happens when one uses iPhone and Mac.

I thought abt getting a MacBook Air, since there weren`t any Tiger Lake Windows in stores, but I think MacOS works better when one goes fully Apple. At least Microsoft is trying to get Android to work better with Windows.


@GreenShades9 Wont be soon though. Car, wedding, and house are first!

If you want a Windows machine, look for a refresh of the Surface line, I think you would like its screen. You can also ask David what he thinks of the SL3 (I think he still uses it). Dell has a XPS 14, but because of the minimal bezels it looks like a 13" laptop.

@GreenShades9 Oh. Pixelbook is actually 12.8 A lot of laptops sold as 13 now are actually 13.3 so maybe that would work for me

No, it`s not the screen size, I think 13" is perfect, it`s the aspect ratio - 16:10. I think the best aspect ratio is 3:2, like the Surface Laptop 3 and the OG Pixelbook, both are 13", or just over, but the aspect ratio makes the screen look bigger - more square.

While this is indeed great news, I`m going to place my excitement on the shelve for the moment. How many features have Android dev previews come and gone?

I`m going to disagree with you on this, Zac; I`m a firm believer in Pixel exclus, the line needs features to attract users.

It will be available to all Android devices. It`s an Android feature. Now we can see more customizations on Android.

Oh I`m sure you`ll get it too, with OneUI 4.

I saw that! This is cool.

Hello OneUI 3 for Pixel users. Haha lol This is promising, looks like Android 12 might be a big update year after all.

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