With WWDC21 just a few months away, and people

January 23, 2021, 2:57 am
With WWDC21 just a few months away, and people
With WWDC21 just a few months away, and people already starting to share their wish lists, I thought Id chime in with my own.

Id also want to see Final Cut Pro for iPad. I think with this a lot of people would happily switch to only having the iPad

As for the native design tool, that would be great, but a good workaround right now is Figurative app for Figma. Have you tried it?

Im wishing for Spatial Audio with AirPods for macOS and iOS

Thats a pretty good list but yes, xCode for the iPad please. I feel building ios apps on iOS shouldnt be an impossible ask.

I really want a Now Playing Notification on iPad. I would love to see a toggle to get a notification whenever you play a new song. Especially when Im multitasking & using the media controls on my keyboard. Hate interrupting my workflow to go to Contol Center to change songs.

This is more Swift related but I would add in a more Swifty replacement for Core Data. Something that is closer to Realm, but designed and supported by Apple.

MacOS Bigger Sur Good temporary name

Agree, would also like to see multi accounts on iPad.

When you say icon sized widgets, do you mean like the Clock icon?

Xcode for iPad sounds exciting but it also terrifies me at how low the barrier of entry would drop

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