Windows + android is a smart collab I like

June 25, 2021, 12:04 am
Windows + android is a smart collab I like
Windows + android is a smart collab

I like the android idea

Well not to your expectations... You can`t do Android apps without the Google Play Service

Linux + android

Now two tech giants can spy on you through a single application

For me they have been same from the very beginning.

Can hear lew in the background thats willy du for you ladies and gentlemen

They need it cuz Apple is dominating them by a loooott

it`s enough if they give copy paste support from Android to windows and vice versa (like iPhone to MacBook etc)

, if you weren`t already combining windows with Android devices then you`re kind of slow. They are practically the same thing.

Nah bruh linux or nowt

Windows + Android(Via Amazon) = not so much

Wish we had it in Windows phone days

True. Fastboot and adb easily work. The myriad of flashtools for each device always run on Windows

but they didnt mentioned google

This guy is bad at presenting.Feels like not prepared well Mac + IOS is a smart collab

I was really amazed to hear it! It`s Very good news

how can i contact u ?

Finally Windows it turning out to be the best with integrations & everything

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