Windows 11 is officially official

June 24, 2021, 4:56 pm
Windows 11 is officially official
Windows 11 is officially official. Its so glassy.

Am I the only one who thinks that this centered taskbar is making Windows lose its originality?

I hate it more then anything

I m so disappointing what about apps launching speed & fluidity , Ram management , security , privacy , some new features ?

I still think windows 7 is better than all other

Anyone else thinks they ripping off Apple much?

Kinda gives macOS 9 vibes tbh

When does this come out?

Turning into Mac software

Window XP = Good Window Vista = Bad Window 7 = Good Window 8 = Bad Window 10 = Good Window 11 = Bad?

welp i just started using rainmaker to make my desktop look so clean but then they give me this


lol looks like Mac OS, but better.

Gives me Windows Vista vibes

why I`m not comfortable with this design I`ll take some time getting used to it.

Really disappointing with new start bar because windows are slowly copying all mac os features

That`s so `inspiring` from Mac.

It looks like Microsoft took macOS and made it worse.

As the historic shows, only the windows 12 will be good

Great Value brand macOS.

YOO Now United is doing a live show on july 1st!!!! And gess where?? AT THE LOUVRE!!! Trust me, you will not want to be out of this! Come here and dance with us on Now United`s youtube channel. There will be dancin and singin performs and a LOOTTA FUN! Thats why it cracks every time.

Looks like KDE

I think they accidentally started KDE Kubuntu and MacOS had a baby

i hope you wont compare this to MAC OS

.. but does anyone know, how to run Windows on new Mac M1 chips without emulating ?

the taskbar looks like its 400 pounds

I feel it`s more mac-ish then ever

Start needs to be in the corner where it belongs.... floating adds zero functionality.... I dont need to see more bloat then I already do!!!

I m still a fan of linux. Sorry no sorry

Its about time Microsoft took some pages from apples design book

Much better Why do I get MacOS vibes from this layout.

Why does it look like chrome OS?

It is missing the auto dark mode switch

Yeah, you`ve been using it for over a year now.. We know it.

YOU GUYS Really going for the Apple vibe

why they tryna make it a macOS clone??

they shoulda get rid of control panel smh

How to upgrade to Windows 11?

Windows and Android users alike are going to have a conniption about this Mac-y look to their new OS lol.

Will this be a free upgrade if you already have windows 10?

Good opportunity to remember MS trying to make some money back from gamepass and zenimax purchase

Why didn`t they just gave us a dock since the icons are centered? The long taskbar looks old school. A dock and a transparent system tray would have been more modern.

It`s so...not different at all

Actually looks kinda nice


Looks identical to Mac OS

Just like everyone`s favorite, Windows Vista.

Is it officially out for the public? Where do i download it

I really dislike the Start/Tasks being in the center. Maybe itll grow on me, but atm I hate it.

The centered windows button feels really cursed

Should people still use antivirus programs on their computers??

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