Will they wake you up at 7 am and

November 24, 2021, 6:35 am
Will they wake you up at 7 am and
Will they wake you up at 7 am and give you instructions for your daily exercise?

if anything the past 2 years has shown is that many love being told what to do and are incapable of making any decisions themselves unless told by the `special man on the telly` - if i was in Gov i`d sure as hell float this. everything else has worked so far!

Lol I`m well aware of the upcoming social credit system but this one is laughable. It almost sounds like a good thing to get people fit, healthy and exercising. Surly they want people to have the jab, stay home and get overweight.

And you will have to send photos and videos of yourself eating salad and exercising on request within 15 minutes before someone shows up and forcefeeds you all that healthy stuff for your own good.

Will automatically taser you if you go 50 meters of a McDonalds

Hope so. Could work marvels. Be better to cut off their if refusal to participate.

And they will love it. People like to be told what`s good for them. More time to focus on the important things, like Netflix.

Smith, Winston! Yes you. Your government-issued smartwatch says you arent bending low enough. If you want your food vouchers or a travel pass for the week you will bend lower! Like this, watch me! Guess they tried controlling everyone via this virus. Not working. Now they doing the WATCH,

Gamifying totalitarianism. What could possibly go wrong?

oh!!! big brother..

Reminds me of irobot the film with will Smith then we will turn Into I am legend again another film with will Smith. I fear this is just the start of things to come here on planet earth.

Pretty sure if you eat a punnet of grapes and a couple of bananas every day (on top of meals) you will be pretty sure to get fatter quickly. If you cut back on meat at the same time you`ll reduce lean muscle mass. Genius. "Eat more fruit" is not useful generic advice.

Bit like a fitbit

Gave me a laugh. "Eat an apple with your bacon and eggs: protect the NHS, crush the pension system." If the PM keeps his job perhaps the app will wake us up at 7am with the Peppa the Pig theme tune (royalties to be paid by the treasury). Gates owns the patent for this technologythe patent number is also disturbing I believe

The mandatory exercise via TeleScreen has been replaced by a smartwatch I see. The Ministry Of Plenty have been busy!

Totally not a compliance testing tool though

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