Why…WHY…does the new iPhone update put the web browser

December 8, 2021, 3:08 am
Why…WHY…does the new iPhone update put the web browser
WhyWHYdoes the new iPhone update put the web browser search bar at the BOTTOM of the screen now? This is anarchy.

Courtesy of I got used to it in 2 days. My search pages are really weird though. They were stacked now they are lined up

Because it makes sense on a phone.

Youll get used to it in 3 days and will love it in 6. Bottom URL for the win.

Omg!! Yesss !! Whyyyyyy It is so annoying

Its the worst! Gets me every time

Darn SE, after the I-10 my iPhone has never been any different. Totally use to it now.

Took longer [email protected] to adjust than any update ever, but now it makes complete sense.

Wait til you use maps with CarPlay. It keeps the voice volume at 5%

You can switch it back in settings

I agree. I was not happy when my update was complete. I have since , gotten used to it

I switched back to the top position. Like it much better.

I am not a fan..all kinds of crazy things happening with the new update telling me when my friends are not accepting calls etc. !

I agree!! And it wiped out all my saved passwords from various apps.

Its easier to hit with your thumb and allows one handed use

Why do my podcasts fail to load after the last update? Its So annoying

You can change it back! In settings

Change it back. Not a problem

You can change it back via Settings

You can put it back at the top. Go to settings and then Safari

You can change that in settings.

Use the Firefox browser, its much better.

Pissed me off too, took me a bit to realize where it went!

Also: why does it hide the Do Not Disturb featurewhich everyone uses ALL THE TIME.

Come to Android. Leave the Dark Side

It works better for me one handed with the max.

Fortunately, they allow you to make it "normal" again.

You can change it back in Safari settings

I thought it was just me having screwed something up. And I miss the home button. And the earphone jack.

How are we ever supposed to get used to that

You can change it back to the upper position

yes, it took me a few days to get used to it.

You can switch it back in Settings > Safari.

OMG, I have the same complaint

I`ll stick to my Samsung note 20 5g

android end of story...

I agree! I just cant deal with it on the bottom S.E.

Try it for a week, before you switch it back up. Thank me later.

TY and agree so many updates are a pain.. we are creatures of habit, what was the need in that kind of change..some are like and others..WTH. Do they test market them!?

Secretly I kind of love it now Im used to it

I was just saying the same thing a little less nicely.

You mean you can`t just CHANGE where it is?

its an absolute horror

Revert. Wait, what? Been putting my update off.

The reason I, unlike my siblings, will never own an iPhone.

I still cannot adjust to it

Took me a while to get used to it

Then turn it off and go back to how it was. Both options are there.

This has been driving me insane! Why why

And the android puts the volume button right where you grip it. I`ve missed so many calls with volume muted.

My solution was to not use Safari ever again

It is stupid!! It doesnt make any sense!! It uses the same amount of space!!!

I use android I can move it wherever I want to.

You can change that in settings. I put mine back.

Don`t worry when the Republicans take over congress, all the hearings will be about weighty issues like that. tyranny

So you dont have to stretch to reach it? Its ergonomically logical.

It took me 10 minutes to find it after the update. Boy how changing something users have been doing for 11 years can irritate one.

You can change that right back to the top

Agreed. It`s like the day when Duo decided to flip the Approve and Deny buttons ... I wish I could slap their whole UX team lol

Omg this happened to me and I was sure my phone was broken I hate it!!!!

Weird, isnt it? STILL getting used to it.

Use Chrome. No anarchy.

Seriously. Cant we have just one good thing anymore?

Its driving me NUTS. I keep thumbing to the top when opening it up. Takes me like a full 10 seconds to find it at the bottom. Every. Time.

I absolutely HATE that!

Blame Biden oh wait you`re not on faux

All is right with the world againTks

If you take 10 min to get used to it youll realize its infinitely better and easier to use closer to your thumbs.

Many of lifes problems would be solved if people would only RTFM.

This makes me not want to do the update.

Im with you sister! Why, why??

I don`t like your name.

Change it in your settings. Itll go back on top.

Thats why I dont use safari.

Cus the phone are bigger and your thumb can`t reach the top. Agree It`s bad tho.

I thought it was only my phone doing this

We dont agree on much but yeah

This took up two days of my life until I figured out the fix

Agreed, 100%. Also, my battery is draining quicker.

I also havent figured out how to get safari tabs to be cascading again instead of tiles.

Thank God Im not the only one who hates it.

I hated it and I mean HATED it at first but now I cant live without it

It is a setting you can change

Apple sux- android is better in every way

My wife was saying same thing!

You can put it back on top.

You can change it back in safari settings.

Wish I could help you, but I have an android.

because it`s better. also it`s optional and not on by default I believe.

I completely agree, I hate it!!

You can move it back to the top. Google yo find out how. Easy.

If you see it as something good maybe that will help Mi just I phone.. android too.

There`s change that is good, and change for the sake of change. I believe this is change for the sake of change. That`s the worst kind of change!

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