Why is notch not accepted on Android in 2022

January 24, 2022, 5:33 pm
Why is notch not accepted on Android in 2022
Why is notch not accepted on Android in 2022...but accepted on a Flagship smartphone by Apple? I mean, either we are over-reacting regarding Notch or Apple isnt scrutinized enough !

Because on Android phones being seen to do anything Apple does it a sin

Why dont android phones give a good camera? All buggy devices! Vivo x70 pro with front cam bookeh failing miserably, pixel 6 series is a mess, samsung s21 ultra has grainy low light shots. So Android sucks big time

The reason is.we have options in android but not in ios

Who told you apple isn`t trolled for its notch ??

Apple justifies it with 3D face ID if an Android would do the same it will be accepted!

That`s because people have more truth over the fingerprint scanner than the Face ID and also one more thing that is ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is much more better option for full screen display. Apple going for notch doesn`t means that android should also go!!

Because apple make it looks like its okay to have same thing for years if it provides great user experience!!

Because of brand value....

Its not accepted, its tolerated, for FaceID.

Because I`m guessing the faceid tech takes up a lot of space, this could easily be fixed if apple just put an underscreen fingerprint scanner into their phones. Also because they`re lazy and apple fans don`t want their phone to look like the superior androids for some reason

Android has no business having a notch without face id

Weird that you think Apple should be held accountable for a design decision that you dont care for. If you dont like it, dont buy it.

They are always one step behind. When android moves on to under-display cameras apple will adopt the current 0 cut out camera, maybe make it oval or something and claim its a revolutionary new display.

The Notch on the Vivo looks excellent and it has a perfect explanation: Legendary selfie camera Apple recieve praise for making their phones ugly

They`re not scrutinized enough

Who said it`s acceptable in flagships ? Btw at least the notch on the iPhone is useful, it contains face Id.

Why do you have to hate on Apple all the time man :(

We are overreacting.

Few reasons - If androids provide face ID we won`t complain about notch - Putting useless extra selfie cameras - Unsymmetrical Bezels (especially the chin )

Even iPhone users are quite annoyed by the notch to my knowledge. Right?

Unlike apple fans, we have other options, if Samsung decides to be apple and put a notch on shit then I`m out. Notch is outdated tech and will never be accepted or at least not by me.

Maybe Apple needs to conduct a survey what people prefers here. Face ID or fingerprint print on the sides. Let people vote and decide. For me definitely I would prefer having a fingerprint on the sides or display is way to go. nomorenotch

Apple has only two secure unlock options. 1. Manual screen password 2. FaceID. You can`t compromise the 3D mapping face unlock, because Android devices have TouchID which Apple doesn`t.

Nice, he ended blocking me anyway

So you`re trying to say that you knowingly paid MORE money for an inferior phone

Well theres a difference between creating this design language and copying it, for Apple if they kept the notch meaning theyre loyal to there design language, if Android did that itll look tacky and cheap just like if you put Ferrari badges on a fiat.

Maybe people expect more from Android devices lol

Nice one OP. Many seems caught by your false affirmation. For what I read, there is much more bragging about iPhone`s notch (since iPhone X) than the reverse.

Android phones dont have quality sensors or Face ID like the ones on Apple . Thats why notch is justified

Androids put a notch on their phones just to say "it`s a premium phone like iPhones". And with iPhones the notch has purpose. It holds the sensors for Face ID. Androids they just have the selfie camera. Samsung thankfully didn`t follow that trend.

Android phones with notches look like wrong iPhones. The notch is always akwardly shaped and the bezels are uneven

Because it looks better and serves a functional purpose

Thin bezels were the best

because Face ID, thats it

Just look at OneUI and Funtouch lol not even in the same tier

Just my opinion, I believe some people see Apple in a place of its own. There are tons of Android phones, if Samsung makes a phone with a notch and you dislike it, you can get a OnePlus and the experience will be relatively similar. With iOS you need iPhone notch or notchless.

i would take OnePlus`s face unlock over face id anyday

Huawei yes Xiaomi i dont really like And Oppo yes !!!

Androids dont have a near better Face ID than apples Its a worst comparison.

I am a tech enthusiastic. The thing is , the notch is there for a reason and it does not really impact the way you use ur phone. Ofc Id like to see a full screen with no notch but I dont want it to be half-implemented!

apple/samsung/google haha

A perfect example of how you prove in one tweet that you don`t have money for an iPhone and that you`re Indian. You`re a "Samsung fan" but you write more about Apple.

OMGG well that`s a super good thing, now apple needs to copy huawei :`) or at least, make something like that bcs the notch in 2022.. bruh

iPhones get a pass coz of face id. That`s all. The V23 Pro has a larger sensor and uw and lights and stuff too. So it could get a pass as it justifies the presence of the notch. But there`s no denying notch is just ugly af.

I forgot about this one, this phone looks good!

Vivo say it`s not possible to get 44mp selfie in punch hole

Well, most Apple fans talk themselves into the old look . There is no other alternative with Apple, but I would be very happy if the iPhone 14 had a modern look on the front . It`s long past time for a design update

Maybe its something else

The notch is garbage and no one will accept and will put 100 reasons saying advance tech its the biggest eyesore while using an iPhone and is non innovative, if the late & great Steve had seen it he would have fired them all. And I used both platforms!

I think the reason apple isnt removing the notch is not because they dont have the tech and R&D to go all screen but because it has now become synonymous with the identity of the iphone. Ya look at the newer designs of their products and you see that their branding has been...

More notches are Coming

Bcs Apple is still in the past, thats not a good thing and Android is not obligated to copy Apple on that

Because it`s notch, while android can do more like punch hole why should notch with just camera and earpiece, so we can choose another android brand. While apple is apple, like it or not if you want apple you must embrace that theres notch in front of you,

Face ID and all other sensors...

There is nobody to challenge what apple does even if they start removing features people wont care

Because that big notch is identity of iPhone

We know Apple`s reluctancy about ditching face ID and that notch houses it so they somewhat have a reason. For android flagships though , i have no idea why they would put a notch

Apple isn`t scrutinized enough but to be fair I`ll cut Apple some slack, atleast the notch has a purpose. It houses the sensors for face id infra-red dot projector, flood illuminator, true depth camera & others. On vivo the camera can easily be put in a hole so notch is useless.

Because you have better options with iOS youre stuck with iphone

Apple has amazing marketing and brand reputation they act like they are doing a favor on their customers and even the customers think the same While android users think of their phone as tools and nothing more

tf? notch is pretty bad. tbh apple is using notch just bcoz they cant place all the sensors within a punch hole. if they find a way they will get rid of notch for sure. btw i had prefer bezels rather than notches

Because apple has advantage in os and camera so that doesn`t matter but Android have advantage in display and customisation so notch is not acceptable in Android also apple have secured face id

Because that`s we call degrading back from previous generations

I couldnt care less about the notch !

Face-ID. The easiest answer

Because the technology apple puts in the notch compared to the only camera basically in the androids changes the acceptance

Because on iPhone the notch serves a purpose by including all these sensors. Its used for Face ID but in other hand on android phones its just a camera ! Apple does it on purpose as a way to be distinctive at a distance... At least they offer an option without a notch in the iPhone SE 2020... My android device has no notch nor a punch hole. My next won`t either if I can help it... (Fold or Duo or Xperia)

The notch is not just a notch but a piece of security enabled technologies for the user a.k.a Face ID. Androids don`t use such technology using a notch, so they can do away with it.

Because Android has Options But iPhone doesn`t have any options

What a stupid question lol. Obviously because of Face ID and no other android OEM on the market that uses notches have a facial unlock on the same level

Because the rest of the phone is Ewaste (referring to the phone on the left). And also FaceID.

I never minded the notch. It doesn`t cause any problems to me at least.

Because Android can do much better in design than iPhone. Vivo could have gone with a pill cutout instead of the old-school notch. They make one of the best looking devices but that notch make sit look like 2018-2019

Face id If any android company has Face id as secure as apple`s then I don`t think many will have issue with the notch But just for selfie camera is you`re putting a stupid notch then it`s worth criticism just like macbook pro, vivo phones

I wont accept it on any device unless it`s a super cheap budget device

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