Why is Apple  so expensive ? A

September 15, 2021, 12:45 pm
Why is Apple  so expensive ? A
Why is Apple so expensive ? A

Because, we consumers okayed buying those overpriced products.

It keeps the doctor away.

The reason is also that they spend huge amounts on R&D, thats what make their product top notch.

Apples sells experience! And not just products. Once you go Apple, its difficult to get back to windows or android. People miss that Seamless, Smooth, efficient, quick experience!

Because people buy it

Ecosystem and precisely the iMessage habit is one of the most important reasons for sure

Your copywriting skills are top noth Aryan! Keep them threads coming...

Display screens are made by Samsung and LG though LG is like only 5%. Mostly it`s made by Samsung

apple tent to not change components or at least their manufacturing process over the years, i.e almost same chassis, just iterative changes in display. etc. so they can negotiate long term contracts and suppliers offer them low prices, SE models are cherry on top. (1/n)

Both hardware and software are assembled by Apple itself.

They offer exclusivity. Feeling of exclusivity surpass many, many other emotions in customers.

Because it`s the only fruit

So well explained

Bro go write a book about this what are you doing being an author making twitter threads This was great though, really thoughtful! (Unlike this response lol)

An apple a day keeps money away.

but are they comparatively expensive? after factoring in resale value and longevity. also, they have to build and maintain their software and services (facetime etc). IMHO Apple makes money out of its brilliant supply chain than upselling

True I purchased iPhone 5s, nearly 8 years back and it still works and now my nani(grandmom) use it.

Awesome Thread Brother!

Mac is cheaper than iphone.. iPhone is for status mac is for productivity. Status cost more . Thtz why. It most more.

wish ke ye tweet .. "twitter for I phone" hota

Apple products are hack free, their security is top notch. But they are expensive, that`s again a reality. Make sense .. very true

Insightful thread but trust me, This freakin seems like an ad and you are promoting apple

Very good thread the investment and quality point is very trueee loved it !!


Ah, great insights Aryan

May be due to begging habit..

Awesome thread. Keep them coming!!

Very well written Aryan

So well explained! Great insights

Well written, Pretty insightful!

Makes sense! An insightful thread indeed

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But if it`s for the simplicity, and you want a product which would last long and is a good investment + extremely useful for you. Then buy it.

The why is important. Why are you buying Apple products ? If it`s for status, then what can I say

But as a practitioner of good personal finance I`d say, you should choose wisely.

As an Apple fan I`d say I love their products.

Even though their sales in developing countries is low due to less GDP per capita, but everyone who is working hard in their life aspires to own Apple devices in their life.

And because people are willing to pay, Apple charges.

People love to pay for something which feels like an investment to them. They don`t mind paying for a high priced Mac which would work for years, because it`s like an investment for them.

There`s an official term for the premium Apple commands: "The Apple Tax"

And integration with the Mac, iPad and everything else is so seamless. You just can`t escape this ecosystem because you don`t want friction in your life.

Because you`ve paid for the Apple watch and for it`s integrated with iPhones. Now even if the new iPhone is radically more expensive from your last buy, you`ll still buy it.

Now let`s talk about the ecosystem. So, suppose you have an iPhone and find the new Apple watch dope and buy it. Now even if you feel that OnePlus`s new launch is better than the iPhone, you can`t switch.

Apple understands human beings. And most humans aren`t technologists. They don`t wanna know what RAM is. They want a device which gets their job done. And is the best in the class. When they think best in class- they think

Apple stands for trust. And that trust builds loyalty. People don`t trust any other company to keep their data safe and protected online, as much as Apple.

Apple makes you believe that their products are the ones which best people in the world use. And that`s true. A desire to be one of them, is also a good driving force for many to buy Apple.

But most importantly the products are extremely simple to use and effortless. When you get used to the simplicity, and user-friendliness, you don`t want friction that comes with the other devices in the market.

One reason for this is of course the ecosystem. More on this later.

Usually it`s very hard for people to switch from an Apple device.

It`s actually a great hook for them. They come for the Status, and continue with buying Apple products either for status or the quality.

One thing`s pretty normal: Apple is a clear status symbol. A lot and I mean a lot of people buy an Apple device just for the brand.

Apple ensures that it does not compromise in quality, for the price. The lower range products are also not very cheap, because they use the best in class materials to build it.

When they give you the best quality and most efficient products in the world, they ask for a premium on it. Which most of their customers are willing to give.

More importantly people believe them to be the best products in the world (even when sometimes they might not be, but most of the times they are)

The quality of the products is top-notch.

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