Why everyone hating on the notch on the new

October 19, 2021, 4:11 am
Why everyone hating on the notch on the new
Why everyone hating on the notch on the new macs? Would yall really prefer an ugly ass massive bezel??? I never got the notch hate. Its fine.

i think theyre vary from $50-$190 depending on where u get it but ill have to ask my brother if he knows more. u know the 4 little plastic things that sit on the bottom of ur mac? one of mine keeps coming off and it`s driving me MAD. idk how to fix it lol

oh this is great to know! i know the batteries aren`t too expensive either so hopefully, i can get that worked on asap

i might reach out to my brother and see if he can help me w it, he`s not an apple person but he knows his shit. probably cheaper than paying someone at apple or jump+ for it lol

oh yeah sometimes im having to disconnect and reconnect bc technology hates me most days but i always eventually figure it out LOL

oh yeah thats valid! i cant justify the price of the apple watch so that was never an issue for me. but i can play shows through my phone to my chrome cast and from my laptop so im pretty much connected the way i want to be!

my phone before last was a 2nd hand 5C and the size was perfect. by the end the charger port was fucked and there was no software support at all lmao i miss it tho.

have u cleaned it out?? maybe there`s a buildup of dust? mine is super loud as well tbh but i also have a service warning on my battery that i need to address, im just too broke for that rn LOL

i`m considering getting a 12 mini soon because my current phone is about to bite the dust. if i forget to charge my phone it`ll just boot loop for like 12 hours before i can use it again lmao.

i went from iphone to LG back in 2017 and the versatility android offers i just LOVE. i just got a new phone recently which is samsung and honestly, its an amazing phone. but its also totally valid to stick w iphone!

i bought my laptop in 2015 so mine still has some years before im due for a new one but im more confident in sticking w mac now that theyve made these decisions!

i use fcpx for editing my videos and am honestly just a HUGE mac lover, i have an android and wont go back to iphone i dont think but this is making me excited for buy another mac laptop in the future!!

i just read a whole article about it and it honestly seems like apple has really made some GREAT decisions!!! im so glad the ports are coming back, i didnt even know the magsafe was change but thats one of my favourite things bc i trip over wires all the time LOL

i get so excited when i see updates on the new macs but i HATE when they`ve taken something away. this update i can get w bc more screen is always a bonus!

the Bartender dev eating good

lmao i had no idea what u were talking about based on the words u used, i had to look up mac to understand

fair point, but i`d still prefer a more ipad pro-like bezel style. notches on laptops just feel off, idk

idk it feels kinda off on a laptop, especially a macbook pro. seems better to stick to a more conventional screen aspect ratio for stuff like photo editing

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