Why does @Xbox have to apologize to @PlayStation fans

June 18, 2022, 11:41 pm
Why does @Xbox have to apologize to @PlayStation fans
Why does have to apologize to fans and basically every gaming media in the industry, it`s y`alls fault for pushing to do these things to ensure the survival of the brand, but when & evy1 does something that screws people no outcry, no apology.

*shrugs* Sony fanboys cried about Kojima working on an Xbox games, Xbox fanboys cry about FF7Rebirth being a ps5 exclusive. Both consoles have vocal morons without any idea how business or the games industry works.

@Phils_Boyfriend Last PlayStation exclusive was 2006

@Phils_Boyfriend Also Activision approached Microsoft themselves to fix it`s internal issues and lay off call of duty grind year by year. Not hostile takeover.

When was the last Xbox console exclusive for Bugthesda?

@Aymanthestar Sony is basically using Square as personal gain so they can develop their own live service games for another 7 years. Then cut them off

Um no! Only tax laws but corporate no! They can buy up who they want! Like how they buy up land and property! This is a capitalist society cash rules every thing around me!

Honestly its not that deep fam. They want to play on a console and pay subscription fees let em. It aint your money so the best we can do is let them just cope until they grow brain cells

That`s what Square Enix did with "Marvel`s Avengers" game. It was primarily GaaS & flopped, so Edios-Montreal was blamed. Also not satisfied with sales for Gaurdians of the Galaxy license IP & Crystal Dynamics was blamed. Both studios (and their IP) sold off...

Its been a few days now & the dust has settled! Yet many tears are still being shed on the Green Side! Damn it must hurt80 bil in acquisitions aint hitting like yall thought huh!!

You still don`t get it do you? At Playstation we do it all. We have new original joints that are being created as we speak AND we`re remaking classics. What the hell are yall gonna remake, Halo and Forza!?

Keep Assassin`s Creed exclusive too. They need to draw people into their own platform.

I think you care far too much what those companies are doing.

No company should have to apologize for keeping its brand alive. No doubt they could play nice but unfortunately at the end of the day the goal of a business is to stay on top. They all have their fanboys that get loud when things don`t go their way and that`s the real problem.

@Neve12ende12 Buy Ubisoft and make Division and Ghost Recon exclusive and Assassin`s Creed multiplat.

Buying a few studios is not a problem. Whats sad is they still cant make games that match Sony and Nintendo quality. We got Last Of Us, Horizon Forbidden West, and Ghosts Of Tshishma as new and compelling franchises in the past ten yearsWhat has Xbox built, not bought?

Its called entitlement. Sony bases everything in their marketing around the religion of exclusivity. When youre used to having everything, and suddenly something is denied you, it feels like the worst thing ever. See MAGA

Never forget Because Xbox is an inferior product

Because Xbox has always been the annoying little sister to Sony for numerous console releases

Ahh my b then lol please continue though If paying for exclusivity is `shady` where was your outrage during the Xbox showcase.? Stalker 2, Scorn, Warhammer, Ark 2 etc etc.. All `3rd party` games where MSFT have bought exclusivity Let`s Keep the same energy

What! Whos fault? You know whos fault is Xbox them selves. This whole craze started in 2018 with God Of War. When everyone was crying to Spencer about not having any games LIKE THAT. Microsoft has thrown billions of dollars at it and it aint isnt working!

I believe the Act/Blizz deal is supposedly closing next June so about another year or so.

But but theyre third party Just like FFVIIR, just like Spider-Man 1, just like Sifu and the list goes on and on.

Mmm, I don`t know how Forza tech would be good for a Bethesda game, rumours are that Fable has issues with it. Slipspace might work, but in my opinion, Xbox should get the UE5 engine for them in the future, like they got it for Avowed.

Actually Sony never wanted to get into gaming. They did it for revenge against Nintendo for backing out of a bad deal. Nintendo playstation was gonna be a thing but instead Nintendo went with the CD-I.

Oh, the Creation Engine is outdated alright, it wasn`t perfect to begin with as far as I know. Now I`m curious how Creation Engine 2 will hold up in the future, but I don`t have high hopes.

That`s what I`m saying. Before the deal, Bethesda got roasted from every side, PC, Xbox, PS... After the deal, suddenly they became untouchable in the eye of some players. That`s why I said: for some people, it`s all about the brand. If a certain logo is there, they will love it.

yea but gowR wasnt bought in a 70bil deal that has resulted in nothing for an entire year

Do you have any proof of that? Because I can`t find anything about "technical issues", they just simply stated that because of the acquisition, some of their games are gonna leave PS behind.

1st..who said I play CoD. 2nd.. ummm I have a Xbox One and a Series S. They both may sitting in the closet but own them. 3rd.. Could be up to another year before Microsoft owns Activision and CoD. 4th..Higher Quality??? Please, that`s kooky talk!

And before Xbox bought them, everyone made fun out of Bethesda because of Skyrim, Creation Engine, "16 times the detail", the terrible Fallout 76 launch and how they handled it... After the deal, somehow Bethesda became one of the best companies in the eyes of Xbox-only players.

You can`t be serious. Before the acquisition Sony even tried to make a deal for timed console exclusivity, so the development was clearly went well. After the acquisition suddenly it was too hard to make the PS version so they had to cancel it? Come on...

He never really apologized though, he just simply explains the motivation behind their actions. After all, it`s just business, no matter how people try to sugar coat it. But to be fair, sometimes he`s contradicting himself, just an example:

Who needed memory cards when we had azure cloud save function lmfao Facts lol of course they do cause they know how to handle smart good business that give more then one return for each investment they make lol sadly Sony does not lol Kinda why online foundation was needed before memory card creation lmfao o well No, it`s Microsoft`s fault that they have/had to do things to ensure the survival of the brand...Nobody else`s...Let`s put the blame where it lies...They recognized it, and fixed it and they`re better for it...Bottom line

Twitter it is bud its all about the open opinion here lol even if yours differ from my own lol I still feed on different world views brings beautiful perspective lol seeing as all I play for is my lobby farming lol if Im hungry Im hungry nothing tastes better then fanboy view

Yeah I dont need to respond to emotional irrational takes. You want to come with facts or heck even a decent opinion sure but your feelings and thoughts? No Im good. Ill just mute you to save both of our times. You arent worth even 5 more seconds of my time. Good day.

Sunset launched in early 2014. Sony acquired Insomniac in summer 2019, more than 5 years later. Insomniac said they were down to make SO2, but needed a publisher and MS refused.

Guess you don`t follow the stock markets.. All tech companies have tanked this year. MSFT has actually lost more value than Sony .. MSFT is down $87 YTD

MS should buy SE and still keep Final Fantasy multiplatform. They should then make the narrative that they did it just so everyone could enjoy the games. Would feel like a white knight moment showing everyone how bad SE and Sony are.

Awesome! Great point! When MS buys an entire publisher to get RPGs and games that actually score well with audience and critically and so they can finally not have huge gaps in their release window and they still cant have any big AAA games in 22 thats real winning!!!

You`re as oppressed as a straight white Christian man. Thats partially why I switched this gen. Dont understand why Sony doesnt revive Resistance or Killzone, Im burned out on 3rd person from last gen..

They are both trying to buy studios there isnt any way around that. But its not for the reasons most people think.

Never said they couldnt.

Sony is that kid playing a sport who worked hard to get good and learned from experience, they still make mistakes but generally know how to fix it. Xbox is the newer kid to the sport who wants to compete immediately and has rich parents buy them all the best gear but has 0 XP

You have to be trolling. Even if Sony someone(will never happen) erased Xbox off the face of the earth Microsoft would still be worth 5-20 times more than Sony.

What has Sony actually done to screw anyone over? The only realistic example is Sunset Overdrive, but that game never got a sequel because MS refused to publish it due to Xbox fans not supporting the first. FF has never been even remotely popular on Xbox.

i only been on xbox for about 2 years now and since i joined twitter this year ive started seeing xbox does bad but sony does good even if it same thing but yeah give it time and karma will catch up it always does even if it takes years

Tfaq u on? I dont think they dont have to but do it anyways... So? What gives lol

No one owes anyone any apologies. Both companies are just doing business. Just like people said buy an Xbox if you want to play Starfield, people can buy a PlayStation if they want to play Final Fantasy. Pretty simple.

Xbot`s are down bad, the hype completely vanished with just a couple of announcements from Sony lol As a PS5 owner, Im bummed that Starfield, Elder Scrolls and Fallout wont be released for PS again, but nobody owes me an apology. Its business and MS did the business with Bethesda. Fair play.

Because xbox has respect not sony

Xbot m a d LMAO

Xbox has no games...you Xbots should get over it and move on with your life. xboxhasnogames

Business is business. Microsoft is seeming to play nice to get what they want in the future. Reality is if Microsoft was really concerned about an exclusive,they can just buy the studio, wait for the exclusive deal to expire. Sony fans and media are just making Microsoft`s case.

From all the final fantasy games only 13 and 15 released day one on xbox the others were never released or released 6 or 7 years after ps.

They had to spend more time coming up with apologies instead of actual gamer content

Considering Elden Ring is the GOTY how is it a flop? Elden Ring was a niche game with a hardcore fanbase that propelled itself into the mainstream. Every other game would have suffered the same fate. By the way why you talking about flopping when yall don`t even buy yall games

yea but sony didn`t spend 70bil on a deal for no games

Playstation is trash and dead console

Lol facts kinda what happens when Sony invests in memory cards first and not the online market like Xbox did lol Which choice was the better investment ponys billions or trillions lol has NO games.

Nobody Pushed Phillip to do anything. He doesnt care what PS fans say. Get real.

Bruh 1. Sony isnt a American company thus they operate by their country laws not US 2. SE launched their 1st 3D rpg/Ff7 game on the 1st PS, not Nintendo 64! Sony & SE made each other! They will NOT bring it to Xbox

Its because its American and they hate America

Lmfao gamers across the world hate all things Xbox, it will never survive on its own as it cant even stand on its own two feet in 2022 with ZERO AAA 1ST NIR 3RD PARTY EXCLUSIVES Xbox is behind ps5, Nintendo, pc, mobile bc it`s a pathetic brand with inferior tech & 0 exclusivea

I don`t hear no lies

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