Why do you use Android/iOS? Because i am broke

October 12, 2021, 7:04 am
Why do you use Android/iOS? Because i am broke
Why do you use Android/iOS?

Because i am broke to use an iphone. I use modded apps

Android and windows ecosystem.

iPhone cus I need a Mac which at this point are just better then windows with the M1, my pc dictates my phone and the camera is also just better especially when shooting video

Recently switched to iOS because its all so smooth (especially now with 120hz), apps are much better optimized, it works together with my iPad, MacBook and AirPods really well and everything just works!

i use Android Because it has Freedom and you can customize your Phone/OS the way you want to plus Sideloading of Apps as well just the way Android Works has been Amazing on my Galaxy S20 FE 5G plus other good thing i love us being Able to Multitask Plus Notifications are Better

Android: It suits my preference

I use android because of the freedom, features, USB C, more fun overall, mad long app support (some apps even support android 2), No notch

Because, of the two, only Android smartphones can transform into laptops and desktops.... I Use iOS because - Ecosystem - I like the UI - Things usually tend to be optimised better for iOS

Android Is for Personal Use, IOS is for Public Show

Android is a cool OS

I use Android because at this point it`s just what I`m used to, that and I really enjoy the hardware features of my S21U.

I use android because of freedom,customisation and it suits my preference

iOs is just a stupid OS and restricted when I first used android it was like using my computer but on a smaller scale. download and open whatever I want. connect it to my PC without stupid iTunes, pay apps thru my sim card balance (or bill).... etc

No idea I wanna explore both the platforms.

I use android (specifically color os 11 and soon: color os 12) because i like it`s interface and design, it`s aethetically pleasing to me, and it comes with all the perks of androids like customization and sideloading apps etc. :>

I have had no problems in both. They both work out for me and it isnt as big deal as people make it out to be

Because it suits my style and preference

I use android because of freedom, side loading of apps, billion times better notifications, Multitasking and memory management (i will explain if you ask) apps availability (i will explain it too if you ask) and most importantly it connects much better with my other products.

I use iOS because: cleaner user interface better software optimisation want to try Apple Ecosystem

I use android because I like it and I`m used to it

I use android Because it allows me to sideload apps

Because nothing else exists?

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