Why do “Twitter for android” and “Twitter for web

January 28, 2021, 6:55 pm
Why do “Twitter for android” and “Twitter for web
Why do Twitter for android and Twitter for web app so worried about iPad users??? Like yall dont got any business talking about Apple products

Follow him dont be mean

-The phone How ichigo be taking phone calls go scrape the crust and grease of your screen

Yeah and android is soo clear of apple

the emoji is so funny i cant

What other metric do yall iphone mfs use to gauge phones?

Yes it does Funny enough my dad just gave me his spare macbook so I have no place to insult Truth homie. No apple mobile device can match the specs of the best samsung mobile device.

`This is your emoji on your keyboard` all ur mentions r me tagging you in IPAD memes I apologize but I dont you filthy iPad user

Samsung>>>>>Apple btw.

Why you coming at them

Mf typing with a whole TV in his hands

This u tho? I feel bad for Android users

This you typing this tweet?
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