Why do all the best twitter accounts have android

February 7, 2021, 2:15 pm
Why do all the best twitter accounts have android
Why do all the best twitter accounts have android phones?

Android is where it`s at

Iphone users are slaves to the apple plantation.

Cos it takes a rational mind to accept the fact that iphone sells cos of Apple`s good marketing whereas you get a better phone for less money with Android. It`s about efficiency and money management. I can buy 3 top of the line android phones in price of an iPhone that`s worse Cos Android users aren`t sheep who follow the crowd, they take their own path and create art. iPhone users will do as they`re told and stay stuck in the same old box because that`s all they`ve ever done. "The man who has no imagination has no wings" Or its just a coincidence

Bcz they are good. Iphone just got widgets, high refresh rate, oled screen etc. While androids have moven from flip cameras to popup cameras to folding phones to curve design to 1tb of memory to 12 gb ram to god knows what.

so which iPhone you have?

I never liked Apple iPhone, I brought my girl one but I only f with Samsung notes.

The answer is in your question. Superiority. Plain and simple.

Damn he brilliant

I dont have an android?

:( its okay rohan

Yea were not the best accounts

Brotha Lmaoo I dont know

Rohan Tokitah Being good mma accounts

I have an iPhone

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