Why are y`all owned by awful companies… WHY https://t

July 22, 2021, 6:00 am
Why are y`all owned by awful companies… WHY https://t
Why are yall owned by awful companies WHY

If it took us 20 years to get a new traditional Metroid, I doubt theyd be much better with Castlevania lol

I think that`s probably the reason we haven`t seen very many new titles from those series.

I feel this way about Worms. They`ve fucked that series into the ground

Why Nintendo, why you gotta do this to us man :(

The last game of Activision I want is Only Crash 4

How I feel about these two franchises. You missed this pair Didn`t Crash just get a new game tho? I believe another Spyro is coming too. I can definitely agree Ubisoft is neglecting Rayman.

Weve gotten Rayman, Spyro and Crash games more recently than Banjo. Microsoft is just as bad

Konami still hurts me tk this damn day man............. want this game freed of their grasp Don`t forget these guys... Crash 4 was fantastic though. Bit early for doom and gloom I think, Toys For Bob being assigned to COD support doesn`t mean they`ll never be allowed anything else again.

i dont know much about crash itself but why is he on here?

I wonder how different modern Crash and Spyro would be if they were owned by Naughty Dog and Insomniac respectively. Better or worse? idk

Activision still treat Crash and Spyro with care with new games, merchandise, and even acknowledging their birthdays. Rayman doesn`t deserve Ubisoft anymore because he kick started Ubisoft`s success and they didn`t celebrate his 25th anniversary or even acknowledged his existence

Also, fun fact: After Nintendo didn`t buy Rare Activision and Microsoft were looking to buy Rare. Activision almost bought Rare, the deal was collapsed though and went with Microsoft so Rare really got a lucky break

God I pray Nintendo take these characters under their care. Especially Rayman. If not Nintendo, Insomniac games.

Yeah, man. Its so sad.

Its unfortunate bc the people who actually make the games are (usually) great, but since theyre funded by awful companies and directed / owned by horrible people who are in charged, most of the time problematic employees go unpunished and victims are ignored for profit.

Same goes to Ness. The franchise was pretty messed up after mother 3. After countless of Mother 3 localization request, I`m officially retired as a Earthbound fanboy and move to Super Mario and Metroid franchise. Activision is greedy for CoD points & doesn`t care about 90s games, Ubisoft idk bout them

They dont have the time and effort to continue Crash and revive Spyro, but they suddenly have the time and effort in the world to try and get horny with women they never tried talking normally to before

That`s what I`ve been thinking. They don`t deserve owning those IPs, smh

legit me rn bro I saw Spyro and thought you were talking about Insomniac for a minute. Now I remember its actually Activision who currently owns Spyro and yeah I can agree with you now lmao.

God I hope they can make comebacks these companies someday

would it be ok to use them and have them more advanced for animations for our own use

These guys don`t deserve to be owned by creeps, man.

You really do hate to see it

Same with them too The worst video game company ever
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