Who`s your favorite Playstation person on here? Someone that

June 24, 2022, 9:25 pm
Who`s your favorite Playstation person on here? Someone that
Whos your favorite Playstation person on here? Someone that loves the platform without having to shit on others?

Well we have and also are great, both are positive no fanboying. Except for pyo, he has so much of hype and i like that

comes to mind, idk others rn

Definitely Joe Genuine and positive

and I think genuinely tries.

1. Great taste 2. Chill 3. Doesn`t give a F 4. No console wars 5. His covers slap hard

is that in spades

and are two of the most positive PS-centric fellas on the app. Not afraid to speak up on certain things they dont like when it happens. Model PS fans!

Thank you! The only PlayStation person that`s better than me is No such person exists.

Persona and Jay Bari punching air right now reading these comments in case you`re interested in all things PSVR/2.

No platform wars BS from him. Literally the only PS guy I watch.

Yeah, it sounds like our experiences are pretty similar. Following the thread for new follows!

Yeah. I think our circles overlap a lot. I see a ton of positivity on here, but Im a careful curator and make frequent use of the mute feature. Also, having a small account seems to help me keep the negativity down. Strangely enough, Twitter is my escape social media

Nice guy, has opinions that are actually reasonable

I`ve never seen him criticize xbox without using logic and I`ve never seen hom praise ps without using logic lol I as an xbox girl enjoy having discussions with him and I trust his views more than most xbox fans

like me, leans more into PS but loves all platforms. Never seen anything negative from him. I think plays mostly PC, not sure on that, but hes also a great, positive follow!

Anyone that knows how to separate criticism from the stuff that deserves praise. But then again, I already see that varies a lot, but most part, I`d say those that have mutual respect, even if they don`t like the competition for personal reasons. Or, you know, you.

I don`t know why, but it`s in the past.

I really like the content put out by informed, and talks PlayStation but isnt anti-Xbox.

Yeah. On the surface, for anyone who comes across him for the first time, you would 100% expect console wars, but he just doesnt care for that stuff at all and I commend him for it.

can be a little over the top with his PS love but still dabbles in and enjoys XB and voices complaints for both sides when warranted. Hes genuinely the biggest PS lover, but doesnt hate XB or pit them against one another. Hes funny too.

Awesome! I wish destiny clicked with me :/ Tried multiple times but I just can`t do it

hands down

You, , and all come to mind. applies most of the time too. I got love for my boys and too, but that last sentence doesnt always apply lol

wait what?

by Twitter standards, you are correct. But he has a definite bias and agenda so his credibility is zero to me. Just one man`s opinion.

Who do you think Honorable mention to the Trophy Room Podcast btw if you don`t follow them

I shouldve reworded too in case you say me. Im just looking for more peeps that I may not know of. Guys like mystic Ryan, , are obvious for me.

Im all about that positivity bro! Appreciate it That and plays Xbox too. I dont care how positive you are if you dont share the same system as me. PC main players are exempt from this.

MysticRyan, I adore his content.

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