Who am l not to share?!

January 26, 2021, 8:38 am
Who am l not to share?!
Who am l not to share?!

What if apple has started making iPhones with Android

There is a way how android is starting iphone

Is it se-ge or sir - gay or se - ji Buyers??

When did apple start running android?? Tujogebwa walayi

Its evident that your IPHONES are not from but sagge

let me get my self a cup of coffee; this one here is on another level

This is a voice over edit

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start from here Sagge bayazi

I don`t know about sage buyers but that video was for early last year It was recorded in Tanzania let`s not tarnish our friends businesses

Sagee buyers That pronunciation is as fake as the phone...saggy biki?

Wait, how do yall tell its from this guy should give more then that, I wanna see the packaging things and the receipts cause guy has like 4 iPhones on that table

Sage buyers after writing u receipts we need to talk Saggy wat you people play too much

Sorry always 1st cheak be4 u buy Kampala sibizimbe

Hello Good, people i do Furniture so i kindly request to support my hustle you can check my TL i do deliver the best furniture around town at cheaper prices Man.. This is an old video.. Nigerian.. Someone just added the voice over again

How can someone boldly do this to someones business!!!!!

Musooke mutulage receipt.. Dnt troll someone`s ka business for nothing.

Am sure and sure that you cant manage to buy An iPhone from them so stop nosence of posting in the line of demolishing someones hustle for no good reason

This video is fake in the first place... Don`t just come trynna impress the internet

all this time I been pronouncing the wrong shii

bit all those fones from one store sage buyers??

Wea are your receipts confirming its ate clients mutubalemu ku magezi

It`s the *saage bayaz* for me omwana ono yasoma Nedda may be the laptop but no this cant no way

Waaa....guys r jhus tryna put down someone`s hustle

This is too much... Real robbery

Android starting

Wisdom!!! Android is starting

Ohhh this is really beautiful! So its a crone for sure!

Anyone else still grappling with the spelling of that word he used

come and make your noise

Tf.. Android is starting

have you ever experienced any problem with the apple products you buy from coz I know your their number one customer

you`re just human

But ahaha saggy buyersnfa

So this dude went to sage buyers and bought all these iphones and didnt check them at first if he has receipts let him post them otherwise people are just trying to furnish the guys name , empt heads just

Naye saggy buyers

Saggy buyers

Okay the guy in the video bought all those fake iPhones in the video.!? Oba he works there?

Yiiii how android is starting in iPhone wabula Kampala people

how did you buy minus testing testing 1 2...

come here small small

It`s the android starting 4 me

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