Which OS has best ram management?

September 21, 2021, 6:02 am
Which OS has best ram management?
Which OS has best ram management?

bro windows is for light to heavy use comparing both iOS with android is not great. expecting good ram management from a phone itself is somthing great also, windows ram management depends on ram + hhd/ssd see that committed / cached / compressed 1/2 I don`t think any android or iOS device can touch this

i use windows, i cant right now switch to anything else more than my android i use windows i dont switch to linux because software options are very limited other than random open source software, as a music producer linux is a joke to me

i choose iOS, 2gb ram iphone works well (iPhone7) ram management is better on iOS

Not fair tho, comparing Mobile Vs PC

you should have included only mobile os or Pc os.

For Android you will get best result in smartphone For iOS- ofc iPad and iPhone Chrome os- chromebook Windows:- proper good windows laptop

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