Which operating system do you currently use? I use

October 17, 2021, 2:46 pm
Which operating system do you currently use? I use
Which operating system do you currently use? I use macOS.

Yeah, but I generally consider myself a good windows boy. Maybe time to break bad??? Windows for day to day dev. Ubuntu servers. MacOs, iOS, Android when doing cross platform stuff.

I am using For office works i`l use windows and for personal use i`l prefer Ubuntu

And a Samsung tablet but still

I use an Android phone

Windows, I used to use Ubuntu desktop.

windows ( can`t buy mac ).

Windows with WSL for Linux

Windows and Linux I m loving linux

Windows + Linux ;)

Just moved to PopOS

MS Vista of course

Windows + Linux (Arch) running from a bootable USB, loading in VBox

MacOs & Ubuntu and Windows to play video games

Windows and debian


MacOS. Since I started using it, I cant use any other OS

Recently moved from MacOS to Xubuntu on my laptop. On my servers I`ve always used Ubuntu

Why u post using apple

Windows with WSL for dev works

I`m using Linux NixOS Distribution. It`s purely funtional and declarative. It can be really complex sometimes but it forces you to learn Linux more and that`s why I love using it and I`m seeing it as a challenge to be a better engineer.

Been working on a motion graphics project

I use windows...but am planning to get a MacBook air in the future

I`m on MacOS at the moment on personal projects & Windows on my work`s laptop. Having used all 3 OS`s now Ican say I`m considered agnostic But my personal preference is MacOS, Linux and last Windows

Linux for work and windows for fun

Currently using windows but soon going back to Linux

Linux (EndeavourOS) Windows11 currently

yeah!! If you have all tools you can deal easily clients, else they thought you dont know how it works lol

You need a lot of money to use mac os ...but most people can`t effort so maximum people use windows 10. some people use ubuntu as they prefer to use linux.

Linux - CentOS with my main Job Windows - Side Projects

Mac OS. Totally in love.

1. MacOs for Personal Use. 2. Windows 11 Azure Virtual Computer for professional work, such as download or upload data in high speed to server 3. Ubuntu 18.04 for Sever Management 4. IOs for Mobile 5. Recently Android Phone screen damaged, not getting time to do repair.

MS-DOS kidding... Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) ... Pockets not so deep for a MAC...

MacOS, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18. All on different machines. Home, dev and live production respectively.

Just switched from windows to macOS for first time and.....Damn..!!!

MacOS. Hope to use linux again sooner

Zorin (Linux kernel) for work or fun, Desktop and Laptop, Ubuntu (Linux kernel) for servers.

Hope God hears you

Linux Mint baby planning to move to arch soon!

Currently macOS but mostly because of Apple hardware. I really like to work on Windows, but MacBook Pro is one of the bests laptops I have ever had.

Ubuntu, Im planning on moving to Arch

Currently using Windows (with WSL) but I am also trying to setup Linux as a Web dev environment. The only thing keeps me away from Linux is "No Proper DB client" like for Windows. I know TablePlus exists for Linux but.. it does not have all features.

macOS too, thats a must if you wanna work the right way Linux Ubuntu for my backend stuff

Mainly heart for background essentials and my brain for logic

MacOS on MBA for portability, Ubuntu on desktop for convenience

Servers: Alma Linux. My Machinev: Linux (Ubuntu)

I used to use Linux and I tried to hack my neighbor`s wifi ( of course for educational purposes) but Linux said my computer doesn`t have enough power from that day I am using Windows.

4K Video editing and yes, casual gaming

Windows 11 for creative work and Mac for Office work

Linux.. Everywhere

I heard Mac is better for coding

Me a poor guy sadly , tried only ubuntu

I wanted Mac but its too expensive

Once you start using macOS, there`s no going back (at least for me).

Manjaro => (based on Arch Linux)

Currently I`ve been using windows.

Yep, Now I`m not going back to windows...

It is. Everyone in my family has iPhones. I can justify that cost. When using android devices I had to buy them every 1-2 years. And I just went from iPhone 6 to 11. Justified. But everything I ever did on Mac I can do in linux. Just isnt worth the cost to me.

Macintosh and Linux

Yep, but also have bunch of experience in linux too...

Windows and Ubuntu most of time i use Windows10

At the moment Im using Windows again cause my other laptop needs some work. It runs Ubuntu studio

Linux for years. Wont knock Mac though I had one for years. Just cant justify the cost anymore.

I use linux mint (xfce edition) works pretty well for coding...and it`s very light operating system

Windows and Linux

Linux (popos) to be exact. I do not see myself using Mac or windows any time soon. Although if anything major comes out I would experiment with it.

Recently moved to macOS

Moved to Mac this year for both personal and professional use.

I use Windows 10

Was a windows user since last 15 years. Switched to Mac OS last week.

Windows 10 with Ubuntu on WSL2

Unix is always better. DoS is useless. Currently along with window 10

macOS for work. Pop!_OS for personal/dev stuff

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