When you get the vaccine, make sure the microchip

February 6, 2021, 4:52 pm
When you get the vaccine, make sure the microchip
When you get the vaccine, make sure the microchip has both Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, its a pain to upgrade later.

Thanks for the advice. Ill remember to ask.

I thought the new vaccines all have Duel SIM, & multiple platform technology. And, for our convenience, i hear everything will be run by Tesla`s SkyNet! (Oops. I mean StarLink...) But there will be No upgrades! Only Recycling, or scrap. I have had great difficulty entering my network password so it can send all my info to Bill Gates.

Can we get the dose with Alexa compatibility?

Dammit I forgot to ask for Bluetooth.

I got mine on SundayI got mine on SundayI got mine on SundayI got mine on SundayI got mine on SundayI got mine on SundayI got mine on SundayI got mine on SundayI got mine on SundayI got mine on SundayI got mine on SundayI got mine on SundayI got mine on SundayI got mine on Sunday

Now you tell me! Ill sort this out when I get the second dose.

The chip is just the sim card. The antenna and modem are in the masks.

Question, can I get ESPN? This might be a deal breaker.

Gotcha. I`m definitely here for the all-in-one capabilities. Having all these different devices is quite inconvenient. I can take me anywhere. I will, being I am so important they`d waste a microchip on me.

Does it work with Android or Apple?

Great tip! Thanks!

Will it sync to my YouTube music account?

It`s all about future-proofing. a/b/n/g/ab, 2.4 AND 5 Ghz, 802.11 AND 802.15 compatibility. You just never know what direction tech will go next.

Id like to see the guy monitoring my implant, hed be bored out of his fn mind and then the look on his face when he realizes they spent more on the chip than I have in any account

4G is only 75%. If you want more than 95% go full 5G from the get go.

Is it possible to upgrade to a higher bandwidth?

Im waiting g for an ARM based vaccine. <JOKE

That`s what the second dose is for!

I`m bundling my microchip with a home broadband and cable TV package.

Thanks for the heads-up Stefan. I`ll be sure to follow your advice.

Siri found me and asked me to nap

I thought that`s why there were 2 shots. One for wifi, one for Bluetooth.

Has any research been done on how the microchip interacts with aluminum foil hats?

My family got our vaccines yesterday. We are going to our vet`s office today to see if they can scan us to make sure our microchips are in.

You don`t think there`s enough paranoia about this already????????????????

I told the pharmacist when gave me my 2nd one I want to turn stuff on like Samantha in bewitched

Is the Office 365 implant complimentary? Or, will it be an added charge?

Dump Telus though, they only hit their 150mps a couple of times a day. That may be in violation of the service agreement you sign with Big Government.

Lol Time to take a nap

I`m going for satelllite TV. I definitely will mention it to them! Thanks for the tip

I think they installed the USB port in the wrong place. The doctor may have misunderstood when I said... Thats funny. Unfortunately some will believe it.

Thanks for the heads up. I never thought of that.

Satellite is where its at! We can find you in the Amazon!

I want the 5G version.

That chip had better be 5G. I don`t want any laggard monitoring of my vital signs.

I`m thinking the wireless charging will be a real crowd pleaser.

If you get a 2 dose vaccine, do you get both???

It better be able to pair multiple devices. If not, I`m sending it back.

I`m definitely not getting the Apple one. Short-term planned obsolescence is a bitch and pricey. Sure it may look cool, but I may forgo the cool-factor for just this one time.

I know, I know, they only gave us the wireless chip this morning. I`m going to demand the bluetooth one when we go back for the second shot.

The people administering the vaccines are the most intensely trained and highly skilled folks on the planet. Just imagine how hard it must be to get 1 chip per dose from a multi dose vial.

Careful this is the kind of tweet that could get u suspended - spreading false narratives re vaccines - just saying - I thought it was funny myself

I thought that`s what the second shot was for.

Getting my first one one hour from now, Ill be sure to ask.

does it Stadia?

I think they stuck a cell phone in my arm, swollen and sore. When I chipped my dog I think they really put a magnet in her. She`s never left my side.

I will! I`ll make sure I get earbuds with that, LOL! Texas. Resistor FBR BLM! Survivor! Stronger together! Dude, first of all, I have a friend out of Mexico who can get you the 5K version. Secondly, you need to jailbreak it. Imagine all the free movies, sports, and shows you could get!

Ok...I will.

Love the humor but worried some nitwits will think you are speaking the truth... like some of the fox news people... that greene women... and all the GOP...

I upgraded to the satellite tracking capability. The chip is fine. But the antenna is a bit cumbersome. It keeps me from wearing my Antifa hat, for instance. Mine is like the clapper....I blink and my lights go on or off.....cool

Does it come with the cloud or do I need to buy space?

Done! I even had the OpticalJewLaser installed as an option. Works superbly.

Can I get free HBO MAX with that? Its expensive.

Isnt that what the 2nd injection is for?

Mine also had 6G capability. And it was non-Kosher so could not be targeted by Jewish lasers.

I recently converted from iPhone to Android and now my vaccine is less effective.

I can control space lasers with mine

And 5G, do not settle for 4G!

That`s Halarious

Yeah. I can`t wait to get mine. We live in the boonies, & I hope it will help my cell phone reception so I don`t have to go out in the yard to get service.

I`m getting the one with 8k and control overlay on the back of my hand!

Bu will it have a headphone`s jack or do I have to what for the Plus model from Johnson and Johnson?

Can I pay extra & get Netflix?

Make sure the WiFi has 5G too. 2.4G is too crowded

The new voices in my head were free

I got the vaccine only I don`t have Windows 10 and had trouble being programmed remotely by Bill Gates

Can`t we upgrade with 2nd dose??

Its 2021. Who in their right mind would take a vaccine without those features FFS?

Also check on compatibility. MacOS or Linux depends on which system your using. Personally, I think open source is good but each consumer should do their due diligence.

That`ll wind them up .

Well the rash 4 inches away from the injection sight is my chip dissolving

Good to know! I heard there was going to be an Amazon option. You just think you want something and it shows up at your doorstep 2 days later.

Can you select your speed?

Those were my first questions to the guy who gave me my first shot yesterday. Upgrading is difficult for someone technologically challenged like myself.

I know right, who wants to dig through THEIR stomach to find that?? Stings!

Already planning on canceling all my cloud subscriptions

Wow, didn`t know that was an option. I was happy with just better download speeds.

The analog version Got it

I got the Kodak vaccine, I didn`t get a chip just an SD card.

And followed

I`m waiting for the Ham Radio version. Hence...my call sign is my Twitter handle.

Is it compatible with my smart home devices? Thatll be super convenient.

I heard the babies blood insulates the microchip, so I think I`m good.

Since I was a new customer mine came with 5g and the worlds fastest network.

Pro tip: Gates has a secret investment in Moderna and so that vaccine comes with the smallest chip, the one least likely to cause irritation. But only Pfizer`s vaccine chip has Bluetooth and wifi.

The thought process of some people is just Fucked Up!

Great point. Id prefer the one that lets you text with Bill Gates.

Thanks for pointing that out. I wouldn`t have asked.

I heard someone ask yesterday if there was going to be nice size storage for videos and photos! Thats what I am looking forward to!!!

Im hoping for the invisibility option

I am definitely going for the 5G model

Put or emoji to prevent suspensions!

Unfortunately they chipped my sphincter...:(

Not looking forward to the constant updates.

If it was only that easy!

Make sure you tell them you want Soros all news channel in the mix.

Ive got mine running through a VPN. You can never be careful enough.

Well I was wondering where all my fries went (although I selectively don`t remember binging all of them).

I was hoping for extra memory for my aging mind! I was hoping for extra memory for my aging mind! Wait wattttt?!?!?

will it impact my Jewish Space Laser capabilities?

Meh...I think Ill wait for the booster package to upgrade.

Im stealing this line for when my friend, who was really angry about the vax-chips, starts spewing that crap again.

Mine has micro USB for upgrades later:)

Youre just itching for a 12 hour suspension

Careful. Twitter gave me a 12 hour "timeout" for joking about stuff like that. Forewarned is forearmed.

Is it 5G compatible?

My dog has a microchip and I get MSNBC. She doesnt mind.

Thank you for reminding me. I ran over & had that tattooed on my arm so Ill remember

And make sure they install the USB port the right side up. It is so frustrating when Bill Gates cannot read my thoughts because my brain stem is not fully charged.

Don`t get the one with the extended warranty, it`s a waste of money and don`t let them make you sign any long term contracts, either.

Thank you! I was really worried about where the cord would plug in!

Thanks, Stefan. We can always count on your sound counsel!!

I use my alien brain implant to boost the vaccine microchip

Dammit. I got the analog version.

As long as I get a keyboard too.

I heard if you switch Verizon will buy out your contract so at least there is that.

Which of the available vaccines carries the most complete and advanced chip, do you know?

LOL. Thanks for the tip ! On the one hand, republicans say they do not recognize QANON and on the other, they say they reject it. Are they all nuts? Thats the tweet of the week for me!

How much I gotta pay for a space laser feature?

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