When I do Pixel 6 vs any other phone

December 25, 2021, 3:31 am
When I do Pixel 6 vs any other phone
When I do Pixel 6 vs any other phone shooting people, the Pixel pretty much wins every time because of True Tone. It`s a real thing that actually works. As I go thru my images from all my iPhones, HTC Phones, LG, Samsung, OnePlus and even my older Pixels, I just laugh.

Agreed !! And to be honest, sometimes that close up shot is clean!

I often shoot with my 6, the only place I think the Iphone13ProMax really beats the 6 is Macro. I don`t have 6 Pro so maybe there is a difference, but the iPhone crushes there.

Honestly for me I in a way wish I would of grabbed the normal Pixel over the Pro but am still happy with my choice.

The Pixel 6 line up was a huge much needed improvement and refresh. It has its flaws but is great none the less. It finally feels like the Pixel line is heading the right way. The price point is getting hard to beat for what you get in the package.

I am also big fan of pixel 6

That have nice edge detection this time around

Nobody is touching the Pixel cameras, don`t care what anyone says.

There are like 2 situations where the iPhone takes a better overall shot but 8/10 times the Pixel looks better lol. (In every iPhone vs Pixel comparison Ive seen). The S21U is actually not that far behind the Pixel in photos

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