When downloading standalone Apple Watch apps, ie apps with

August 2, 2021, 12:14 pm
When downloading standalone Apple Watch apps, ie apps with
When downloading standalone Apple Watch apps, ie apps with no iPhone companion app, App Store appropriately alerts the user that the app is Only for Apple Watch...

Never tried. Id think it would block it on the Watch side. Probably not if bought via iOS though.

Another case is being able to purchase iOS+watchOS apps with no warning that said app will not run on your paired Watch if the OS requirement is higher.

Thanks Kosta, will make sure our App Store friends are aware of this!

Uhhh yeah, its supposed to

This message is the equivalent of Try turning it off and on again in my mind. At least its consistent with the developer experience of building Apple Watch apps.

It`s not just watchOS. The same situation occurs when trying to install tvOS and macOS apps. An implementation similar to Google Play store, where users can install the app remotely would benefit all developers.

Apple folks: FB9437370 - App Store UI is missing critical information for standalone Apple Watch apps"

PS: TestFlight shows the familiar OPEN button and launches the app on Apple Watch - however it provides no indication that the app was launched. Ideally TestFlight would also match the aforementioned behavior.

Here`s an example of a standalone Apple Watch app: Store should instead show the familiar OPEN button, and when tapped it should launch the app on Apple Watch and guide the user`s attention there.

Subsequently, some users believe this is due to a problem with the app itself, and proceed to leave a negative rating/review on the App Store: users may no longer remember - or have read - the earlier guidance at the time of download, and might be confused as to why they cant open the app on their iPhone.

After downloading such apps however, App Store does not show the familiar OPEN button. Instead, a disabled PURCHASED button is shown, providing no feedback or reminder that the app can only be launched on Apple Watch.
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