What will you chose galaxy S3 or iPhone 5

June 10, 2021, 3:35 pm
What will you chose galaxy S3 or iPhone 5
What will you chose galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 you can only chose one

Hard to pick, iPhone 5 was really good, but S3 is very versatile so Imma go with it.

not sure S3 has custom android roms up to A11, but official support only for 4.4 and the performance in A11 is probably shit iPhone 5 runs iOS 10, which can still run most apps and is probably smoother than the s3, but there`s no way to get a newer iOS I think id pick the 5?

iPhone 5 was my very first phone & Smartphone but it only lasted for a few days cuz I switch to Galaxy Note 2 instead but iPhone 5>S3 tho

Slate black iPhone 5

I had a S3 in the past. Definitely would rather go for the iPhone 5.


iPhone 5 without hesitation. Galaxy S3 might be one of the worst phones I`ve ever owned

iPhone 5 BLAKC. I would choose the galaxy S3 and install a custom Android 10 ROM on it. Much better than Touchwiz on Android 4.3 or iOS 10.3.4.

iPhone 5. "The most advanced design ever in any smartphone."

iPhone 5c because with a Plastic back

iPhone 5. I hated my S3 and funnily enough I actually currently have both of em. My S3 was laggy, slow and just a very bad experience overall

Galaxy bruh apple has probably downthrottled the 5 into oblivion by now

Galaxy S3 if it has custom roms idk im too lazy to check XDA

If it was S6 then Galaxy S6. But iPhone 5 is for me

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