What was your first console, and game? Mine was

June 19, 2022, 4:23 am
What was your first console, and game? Mine was
What was your first console, and game? Mine was n64, ocarina of time.

Magnavox Odyssey 2 and the game was "KC Munchkin"

I`m not sure I remember, but I believe the SNES or N64.

Super Nintendo & Super Mario World

Sega Genesis, one of the games was Mortal Kombat 2

Intellivision Burger Time. Also among one of the first mobile games to ever exist

First console that my brother and I had was the NES, and we got Super Mario Bros and Captain Skyhawk (at the same time, so I guess that counts)

Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES.

Regular Nintendo Mario bros or maybe it was a sega with sonic cant really member if I got them both at same time

SNES and it was either mega-man x, A link to the past or Super Mario bros.

Atari 2600 - Helicopter & Submarine game (plus others haha), more relatable ones would be Game Gear - Sonic Triple Trouble/Spider-Man: Sinister Six, Sega Saturn - Panzer Dragoon/ clockwork knight

Atari 2600, and the worst version of Pac-Man ever made. Also had Pitfall. I was there when the dark magic was written... Also N64, and also Ocarina of Time.

NES with Mario/Duck Hunt, Metroid and Track and Field.

Atari, Asteroids Dad got it for me when ALL the other kids were playing Nintendo in 1988 He was cheap, but he loved me First console was NES and game was Mario Bros./Duck Hunt. First game I bought separate was Mike Tysons Punchout. First console I bought was SNES after saving up and selling old toys.

NES Mario. Didnt know what the hell was going on until I got smb3 though a few years later.

PS1, Spyro The Dragon

Intellivision 2 - Burger Time.

SNES, either Super Mario or Donkey Kong Country. Was about 4 I think. And I still have the same SNES currently and about 25 games total with it!!

Atari 2600 & Space Invaders or Combat

Such a great start! My parents brought home an ATARI 2600 when I was in kindergarten and my first game was probably either Adventure or Pitfall I actually don`t know for sure

PlayStation 1, now my memories a bit foggy on exactly what was my first game but it was either Tenchu 1, a classic stealth title that laid the fundamental blocks for the stealth genre, or tekken 3, another classic title but for the fighting genre Mine was the Commodore 64 and I had to program it with pong.

Console: Sega mega drive Game: Sonic The Hedgehog

My first game was supositely the first smb game but only my parents realy knows about that in details

Atari 4800, my parent`s coIIection

One day we came home from school and grandma had gotten us an NES

My first official console was PS1 one of my first games was Crash Bandicoot 2

NES with Duck Hunt.

Some SNES games I don`t use and I`ve carried over from move to move. May look to sell them. Most old stuff I`ve kept is from the PS2/Xbox 360 era. I got some Gamecube games but I got those recently.

Super Nintendo. Link to the Past.

Super Metroid for the SNES

N64 and smash bros!

Nes and Sega was born in 1987 Super Mario Bros. And Sonic

I think NES or 2600. Can`t be confident because we owned both when I was very small so exposure to either one first was possible. NES definitely is the memorable console.

Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer and Pong SNES with Donkey Kong Country bundle got it on Christmas! I slept with the box while the console was playing the intro on loop probably my parents close it later that night I was so happy

Mine would sega master system and the first would be Alex the Kidd as it was built into the console.

Mine was the nes with the duck hunt and Mario bros dual cartridge

Hard to remember but it was either nes with lolo or PC engine with Kieth courage

SNES - Super Mario World

SNES and Earthworm Jim/Super Mario World. I named those 2 because those were the only 2 I had back then but dont remember witch one I played first lol

Mine was the Atari 2600, my first game was the original Pac-man in the 1980`s and I have been playing games since.

NES and super Mario bros

SNES; either it being Donkey Kong Country or Megaman-X my very first game.

Columns for the Sega Genesis

Texas Instruments TI-99. Not sure what the first game was bc we had a bunch of games for it as far back as I can remember. Then it was the Sega Master System and the first games were Missile Defense 3D and Shinobi.

SNES, Super Mario World

Super Nintendo, Donkey Kong Country 2, Diddy Kongs Quest. Played it every day after school.

Atari 2600 in the early 80s. I got a few games with it, but the first one I played was Pac-Man!

The first game I played was Crash Warped on my grandparents PS1. My first console was a PS2.

My first console was a ps2 and Spider-Man

Atari 2600 with Pitfall.

Sega Genesis Toejam and Earl

That`s one hell of a start! Mine was the NES and the first game was Super Mario Bros.

N64, Diddy Kong Racing

NES Mario and Duck hunt

My Mom`s old NES was the first console I ever had and the first game I owned for it was TMNT The Arcade Game. First game I remember playing in general is Pac-man but its like a 2 second glimpse of my earliest memory with my parents.

NES Super Mario Brothers!

Played? SNES and Duck Hunt. Owned? Gamecube and Cubix: Robots for Everyone

My first console was NES, and Wheel of Fortune on NES

Atari - the original. Battle Tank was the first game I owned.

Night stalker, Intellevison.

PS1 & Resident Evil 3

Gameboy Advance, pkm firered

I don`t know what happened to Last Action Hero for SNES (not a great loss mind you) but here are the rest of my OG games (SNES games are first for a home console, GB games are first overall). Oh Nintendo Mario bothers

My first console was the Sega Saturn.. My first Nintendo console was the N64! I had to choose one out of 2 games. Zelda or Wipeout 64.. And I chosen Wipeout 64 lmao, I was just 8 at the time.

The original NES, Super Mario bros 3, The Friday the 13th game, and Castlevania, and then a week later I went back and bought Battletoads.

PlayStation 2, Jak and Daxter

First I played, SNES, first I owned PS2

V tech smile with kungu panda cause I was a 200s baby

Super Nintendo - Earthbound

I`m old . It`s not very original but it was Mario Bros on Nintendo.

Intellivision/Dungeons and Dragons was the first console and game I played. They belonged to my stepdad. The first one I owned was Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and it came with Dragon Warrior (known today as Dragon Quest).

Atari 2600. Im not sure on which game as my actual first but I remember Dragonfire. My sister and I played that game for hours on end.

Technically, Atari 2600, River Raid. It was my dads. Mine? Mine, mine? NES, Mega Man 2.

Atari 7800 from memory. I think the game was called H.E.R.O.

First system played was my dad`s Atari 7600 with Pole Position. First personal system of my own was the NES with Mario Brothers and TMNT Arcade.

Name a song with an ocarina solo.

I used to play it with my grandma. She called it the swapping game because of the whip swap swap swap!

Atari 2600 centipedeIm old

I think it was called a ColecoVision, or Coleco for short. I dont really remember what the actual first game was, but I remember playing something very much like Pitfall on it.

N64 and Goldeneye, but Ocarina of Time was my second game and will always be my forever favorite!

Nintendo Entertainment System and my first game was Mario Bros.

SNES, Super Mario World

Thats my favorite game all time OoT. First system was NES and mario bros

Xbox, crash bandicoot wrath of cortex

Snes, donkey Kong country

Robocop Super Mario Bros. 3 TMNT Nightmare On Elm Street Batman 1989 I have all my NES and Sega games from childhood

NES and Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt.

Sega Saturn, Nights Into Dreams.

I was a born into a home with an NES and Sega Genesis. What games they had when I was a baby idk but i do remember Mortal Kombat, Pit Fighter, Bubsy, Double Dragon II. Ehich was first though? whos to say

Does a pong clone count? It was made by binatone

The regular Nintendo, Duck Hunt then it went to the Epic Super Nintendo, Mario and Donkey Kong

Mine MINE GameCube + Smash Melee Now first ever (thanks to my brother) N64 + Mario 64 or Genesis + Sonic The Hedgehog

Super Nintendo. Link to the Past and Mario all Stars! Clayfighter as well

SNES Super Street Fighter 2

My first console ever that i bought from my own money was PlayStation, and my first game was either Crash 2 or 3

Nintendo Wii and my first game was Wii sports

NES, Super Mario/Duck Hunt cart & TLOZ

Sega Genesis with Sonic 2. Got it for my 6th birthday as a gift

A Ps1 and Star Wars: Masters of Ters Ksi. Which I still go to bat for as a fun game. I ended up trading it to a guy at church for a copy of Spyro 2, and then years later my mom got me a new copy off EBay for nostalgia sake.

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