What smartphone are you using and why?

April 26, 2022, 11:11 am
What smartphone are you using and why?
What smartphone are you using and why?

The iPhone X - never had a reason to upgrade. Phone works fine. Save my money for something else.

as a tech YouTuber, this is a loaded question lol

Im lucky and i use an iPhone and an Samsung device just biteing from both Worlds

Poco X3, great budget phone even though redmi note 10 pro was the real champ

S22 Ultra and Fold3. One for the excellent battery (a reliable 7 hours SOT is more than enough for me), built-in S Pen, and cameras. The other for having a tablet in my pocket. Both for the best software you can get on any phone IMO

Poco X3 Pro... Because I love gaming

vivo Y72 I bought it long time ago but the best thing is that phone is so sleek and sexy physically..other than that specs wise its not at all gr8.. I mean come on dude what u can get from 16gb storage in 2022

iphone because i am rich lol

Pixel 5a, cheapish and great battery life.

iPhone 13 ProMax. Because iPhone is till the King

S10e. Great well rounded flagship, the last of its kind really.

Pixel 4a because of the software.

8 plus S10 got water damaged Tried and didnt like 12 pro Probably by June-July will buy s22u

Galaxy Note 10+ as daily drive coz it is a big phone as well as a still-fine old phone. iPhone 12 for work coz of small factor and seamless connection with other iPhones.

Samsung A52s. Everything is there. IP rating. Decent camera. Samsung pay. But my main reason is the samsung software. Hehe.

Note10+. Been using the Note series for some time but I am thinking of moving back to the Xperia family.

iPhone 13 Pro Max - Battery (Coming from 8 years hard android user)

Oppo F5. It looked nice and it was one of the more popular choices at the time.

Galaxy s9. Saw a great deal, battery and performance are no good but the camera and screen are top notch

Samsung a10s Why? Cause I`m broke

Poco F1, because I can`t afford a new one. It`s still works great though

Pixel 4a- went from iphone xs since i am not a very powerful phone user i thought something cheaper would also fit my needs. Till now, 0 complaints.

Note 10+ but getting iPhone 13 pro max today, just waiting on delivery. Fed up of android. 5 years now. Yeah there beautiful phones. But Jeezo...... After 18 months or so they get so laggy.

OnePlus 9 Pro, because I`m fcked up :) Jokes aside, it was a good phone at the beginning, but now it`s a literal trash and software makes it useless. Not to mention that does not push any fixes for the software

13 Pro Max for the battery life

iPhone 11: honest ram availability(doesn`t let the os take half of it and give u little to nothing in return), better battery, camera and mics, smooth operation, wifi antenna doesn`t go bust in less than a year

Poco M2 Pro : I was sick of stock rom for lack of features like App Lock, Customisations, Standard Ui etc. This fits in my range with best in-class battery backup & a great camera. seemed like a pretty good deal.

iPhone se, screen not great, battery pants, luv the home button, good cheap phone thou.

Samsung galaxy flip 3. Love the form factor and the fact that very few people has it still. Cameras are good and the screen with 120hz is excellent.

The S22. The display and camera are perfect for this price and it looks beautiful. One UI has very useful features too.

Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra, I`ve been a note fan since it`s inception. I love all the hidden features that (eg bloatwear) that Samsung has installed. Yes, I drank the Samsung Kool aid and it tastes like purple

I am using oneplus 7 pro for last 3 years. Because I am broke.

Pixel 5a Handy, Simple & Good Battery Life. Does the job for me.

Because Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Because I Love Android especially Samsung product.

iPhone 13 mini - Has all the features of base iPhone 13, plus is compact and fits in my hands

iPhone beacuse its better than any other phone on the market.

What do you mean `what smart phone`. I use the smartphone made for humans lmao

Pixel 4, because i can`t upgrade to the Pixel 6 Pro yet.

Xiaomi 11T. Note 20 Ultra decided to die so i needed a cheap but good alternative until the next pixel is released.

Pixel 6 Pro because I was told it has the best camera. The camera is good, but the reception issues kill it.

I use the iPhone SE 2nd Generation because I won it in an giveaway

S20fe 5g because it has all the flagship specs under 50k

iPhone 13Pro: Best in-class camera, top-tier performance and iOS Samsung A72: Youtube Vanced to watch toiletsquad

iPhone 12because of the camera actually

S21 - it`s the smallest one that has decent power.

OnePlus 9 pro because it was a great deal

Z fold 3, bought into the foldable hipe but is so nor worth it in my opinion

Fold3. The best smartphone on the market period

13mini. Because of its size. <3

Gionee, I`ve got student loan

iPhone 13 Pro Max. Why? I think Apple has the best after sales service.

iPhone XS and pixel 3 still going strong

iPhone 13 Pro and Im pretty much satisfied By using this beast

iPhone 13 Pro. Because the long term firmware support and battery life.

S22 Ultra for cameras and one ui, zflip 3 cuz it folds and flexing, 13 pro max for idk

first of all tell me why you are using twitter ?

iPhone 7 Plus. Because even after 5.5 years, I have still not felt the need to upgrade. The phone is showing its age I agree, but not so much so to convince me to upgrade. Its capabilities float my boat currently. 1/2

Nokia 6.1 plus cus it`s so small and sleek

Samsung A71 , Because it`s good

iPhone 7 Plus and I honestly dont know why. Even the cameras no longer work

iPhone 13 pro because of its battery, smoothness,camera,iOS, performance,build quality and brand image.

Pixel 5. For battery and cameras

Poco m2 pro... works good with custom roms and stock Android

Fold 3 find the tablet mode useful when working on project ect only draw back is weight being on call but not so bad if you own ear buds.

13 Pro it fits my needs. The size Newest model Its gonna holds its value over time Battery performance Ability use it for years (OS updates) Video quality Um used to iOS Airdrop & more

iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB, coz whynot? afford ko eh!!!! Charizzzzz

Recently switched back to iPhone (13 now) after 8 gens using Samsung

Moto edge 20 fusion... For it`s software and display also performance.

S10+ headphones jack and micro SD slot

9 Pro. Good hardware and supports OnePlus 8t: just becouse of family bought for me and nothing

iPhone Xr, i have it for almost 2 years and i want to upgrade (ip12-13), but i have no money lol

I am using iPhone 7 128GB cause i cant do better at the moment but saving to buy iPhone 13 Mini hopefully by or before August

Using:- Redmi Note 5 Pro Why? Because it`s still running fine That`s it

S21ULTRA. I found little reason to upgrade to s22 or other flagships this year and i believe that i will keep it for the next 3 years as well

pixel6pro just because I love the phone Pixel 2 coz it`s going great Still Great Camera ....okay battery life after nearly 5 years....

Poco x3 pro because I have a tight budget and in this budget I want the best performance phone that`s all I got from it snapdragon 860 is fast af

iPhone cause it`s iPhone, Full stop

iPhone 11 y Bec its new and old in different ways

S22 Ultra The screen, cameras, and fingerprint scanner are just awesome. And nothing can beat the S Pen. The phone just works.

Galaxy Fold 3, media consumption king

S20 FE Snapdragon version (idk why,just bought it at an offer,it works for me)

Iphone 12 mini. The size and ease.

Nokia i am using because its never break

Note 10 plus because it`s beautiful!

Pixel 6, been using pixels since the 2. I like the way Google does computational photography. And the software overall.

iPhone 13 pro max because its the best phone made in the world for me and my work use

S10+ because I still have jack and micro sd card expansion plus heart rate sensor.

I phone 12 mini but I dont know my Apple password and I need a recovery key to reset it but I forgot what that recovery key is so Im going to get a new phone in like 2 to 3 weeks

Galaxy S21. Got it used for like 420 bucks. Love the cameras, the speed, the everything. Plus, One UI 4.1 is an absolute joy to use

Z flip3 - wanted something that folds bc why not

iPhone 12 Pro Max its amazing best battery best camera amazing software

Oppo reno z since 2 year ago . after i phone 6 because ... Android more easy ....and oppo great battery..

I`m so horney I want to

* S22 Ultra Massive I like the note aesthetic Comes with spen Great cameras Best display Great design OneUI is just full packed of features

A11 because am broke I want a note 10+

What do you mean by why?

iPhone 12 because Oxygen OS died and there`s no Pixel in India + I have a MacBook so integration!

Reno 7 5G better camera than Samsung

GT Neo 2, for wasting time

Samsung Galaxy A50 bcz i have no choice

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. S-pen and features.

13 Pro Max battery, speakers, large display, to go with my Apple Watch

Switched to a iPhone 13 Mini from a 13 Pro Max and while I miss the some of the camera functionality, the size is perfect. Literally tech that gets out of my way when I dont need it.

Using IQOO 3 bought it for Gaming..

S22 Ultra. I love it`s camera, and freedom.

iPhone 13 Mini because I like small phone.

S20 plus ... Dot have money to change it

galaxy z fold 2. just picked one up in really good condition for 400$. I love it! Battery life is actually really good on this thing. Also the ability to open your phone and have essentially a mini tablet is just amazing.

Galaxy a53 just for software updates

Z Fold 3, regular phones are boring now.

LG V60 because it has a headphone jack

iPhone 12 Pro Max, Loved the box design. The 13 wasnt too big of an upgrade so its the middle ground.

pixel6pro getting the job done

13 PM because of the ecosystem

Redmi Note 10 coz that`s all I can afford

Sumsung A21s because it was on sale.

Samsung Galaxy J6. My favourite that`s why.

Galaxy s22 ultra because it`s not an iPhone lol

12 pro max very similar to the 13 pro max without spending over a grand for the best iPhone

S22 ultra. It`s the best that`s why.

I am using Galaxy A51 because of the quad camera and reasonable price.

S21 fe bc they dont carry notes anymore & im a samsung gal

Pixel 5. Ease of use, updates, and it is a good phone at a decent price.

iPhone 13 Pro max basically for battery. Poco F3 Lots of custom rom and stuffs to tweak

Nokia 3310 cz of The Legendary Snake Game

Samsung Note 20 Ultra. I need MST and need more than 512GB of storage.

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