What`s your main platform home of choice peeps that

February 2, 2021, 7:27 pm
What`s your main platform home of choice peeps that
Whats your main platform home of choice peeps that you play the Crash Bandicoot franchise on ? - PlayStation ? - Xbox ? - Switch ? - Steam ? Let me know your favourite place to play ?

Playstation, Because That`s Where Crash Bandicoot got it`s start.

Switch, cause that`s the only platform I prefer.

Nintendo Switch, I`m a fan of the original trilogy and it`s great to have it on the go.

Well PS5 is better then Xbox X series because the graphics are amazing Im the game with game speed

I got the N Sane Trilogy and CTR NF on Switch, but I got Crash 4 on the PlayStation, so I guess it`s both of those for me

Since we`re talking platforms how many of you own a PS5 or Series X to play Crash on next-gen ?

Nintendo & Playstation.

PlayStation, mate!

PlayStation. Always and forever, the PlayStation

Originally PlayStation 2 but now Xbox One

Playstation. It`s what I started on with Crash Bandicoot 2

Hell yeah PlayStation always use PlayStation

nintendo & playstation^^

Nintendo Switch!

switch so I can play it on the go

PlayStation! The PS1 is the console of my childhood, but I must say that the PS4 is now my favorite console, due to the remasters (along with other excellent titles).

PlayStation as always been my main platform but I would get the games on other platforms

I have crash nsane trilogy on PS4 and ctr on Xbox

Playstation and Xbox

Ill always play crash on PlayStation

I played Crash Bandicoot on all platforms but if I had to choose it would be Xbox as that is system I grew up with.

I know lol just waiting on a sale

Definitely PlayStation

Playstation hands down from the original trilogy CTR Crash Bash to Crash Bandicoot 4 Its About Time

PlayStation, been with Sony for my entire life and it`s good for me, don`t feel the need to change. Although I don`t actually have a game console at the moment, I would certainly get a PS4 (since the PS5 is out of stock everywhere)

PlayStation of course! Tho I also have NST on Switch and I plan to buy Crash 4 again when it gets ported to Switch. Gotta have it for on the go gaming.

PlayStation. All the way from the original trilogy to Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time.

PS2 and PS5 respectively I play all the Crash games on.

PlayStation or PC.

I haven`t played any of the crash games yet but it would be on the switch

PlayStation, of course.

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